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What Is a Studio Apartment?

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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If you’re looking to rent your first apartment, know that units come in all shapes and sizes. Studio apartments may be among the smallest, but they can be quite a good fit for first-time renters or those looking to downsize. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what a studio apartment is and explore some of its pros and cons.

Studio Apartment Basics

A studio apartment is essentially a residential unit in which the bedroom, kitchen and living area are all in a single room. They feature a separate bathroom but are otherwise self-contained. Generally smaller than one-bedroom apartments, they typically range from 300 to 600 square feet.

While many studio apartments tend to be square or rectangular, you can also find L-shaped units. These come with a small alcove for the sleeping area, providing a little more privacy.

On the same note and probably inspired by the tiny-living movement in terms of space maximization, some may feature a mezzanine for the sleeping quarters, offering more room below.

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Who Are Studio Apartments Best For?

These open-plan living units are generally an excellent choice for students and single young professionals. However, there’s no reason why other people shouldn’t consider them. Studio apartments offer an affordable option in vibrant downtown areas where space is at a premium.

Young couples who don’t mind the lack of privacy can make a studio apartment work for them, though families with children might struggle. Having said that, once the kids have flown the nest, retirees looking to downsize could very well consider a studio apartment. A smaller footprint means less cleaning, lower utility bills, and fewer places to hoard unneeded belongings.

The Pros & Cons of Studio Apartments


There are many things to love about studio apartments, and, in the right circumstances, they can be the best option for you:

  • Lower costs: You can expect lower rental costs, but with a smaller space to heat, also lower energy bills. Plus, given a good location, commute costs can also be drastically reduced.
  • More environmentally friendly: With their lower energy usage, studio apartments tend to be more environmentally friendly than other options.
  • Better choice of location: Many studio apartments are part of larger buildings. As such, you’re more likely to find them in prime downtown locations than other types of units.
  • Easy to keep clean: The small footprint of a studio apartment means it’s easier to keep on top of cleaning. With less storage space, you’re also less likely to buy things you don’t need, resulting in less clutter.
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Despite their many advantages, studio apartments certainly aren’t for everyone. Here are some of their most significant drawbacks:

  • Lack of privacy: If you’re planning to live with someone in a studio apartment, you’ll rarely have space just for you. For some couples, this can work, but it can sometimes become claustrophobic. This is why studio apartments are typically best-suited to singles.
  • Poor choice for social gatherings: Socializing in a studio apartment isn’t easy, as it’s unlikely you’ll have much space for guests, who may find themselves sitting on your bed for lack of alternative furniture.
  • Limited storage space: If you have a lot of belongings, you’ll struggle to store them in a studio apartment. In fact, you’re limited to the essentials, with your furniture typically doing double duty. Renting a storage unit can be a good compromise.

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