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How many apartments for rent are available in Montreal, QC?

There are 962 apartments for rent in Montreal, QC to choose from, with prices between $100 and $30,000 per month.      

How to search for apartments for rent in Montreal, QC?

Your perfect apartment for rent in Montreal, QC is just a few clicks away on Point2. You can look up 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom apartments, studio apartments or any other type of rental in Montreal, QC. Just use the filtering options available to find properties according to your needs.

How to find Montreal, QC apartments for rent I can afford?

On Point2, you can search for apartment rentals in Montreal, QC based on your budget. Sort all condos according to price, or get a tailored list of properties by setting the minimum and maximum monthly rates you are comfortable with. Moreover, you can use the Price Drop filter to look for any recent rent declines on the Montreal, QC rental market.

What type of information can I find on Point2?

Point2 offers a lot of information about rentals in Montreal, QC, from property type, square footage and amenities to area demographics and even local rent trends. Additionally, you can use the map view to check if the apartments you are looking at are close to the facilities and services you need. The name and contact details of the real estate agents handling the condos are available on all listings, so just reach out to them directly through the contact forms provided.


Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec. The city is predominantly Francophone, as 66% of the population has French as their first language. Although French-speaking individuals dominate the city, certain areas tend to have more English-speaking people than others. Statistics Canada has reported a 94% satisfaction rate of the quality of life in the city. Montreal has a vibrant culture, being the host of many festivals celebrating film and the arts. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping in the city as well. A variety of bars, restaurants and bakeries are also easy to find in Montreal.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec
real estate market

Real Estate Market Overview

Montreal has a high inventory, especially in regards to single-family homes. These homes, however, were still in demand and sold just fine. This was also the trend in regards to condominiums, but these units tend to have lower prices. Despite the high inventory, there is a new tower being built with 140 condos in the Downtown area. The city has seen foreign buyers showing interest in what Montreal has to offer because of the stable Canadian Dollar. Affordability is also a key factor in their interest. Housing in Montreal continues to be more affordable for buyers than it isin other major urban centres nearby.

Rental Market

Montreal provides a great opportunity for affordability. The growth rate in price has been extremely low in the city, and has been increasing at around 2% each year. Around half of Montreal’s apartment buildings have less than 100 units. The price of renting is very low in the city compared to other cities such as Vancouver and Toronto, but the buildings in Montreal are commonly older than those in these urban centres. The rental vacancy rate in the city is 3.9% and it is expected to rise. In the future, more focus is expected to be on rental housing for seniors. The housing market in Montreal is actually dominated by renters, mostly in high-rise apartment buildings and duplexes. Single-detached homes aren’t as plentiful as these types of properties.

real estate market


Being bilingual in the city of Montreal is a valuable asset for job seekers. Since the city is primarily French-speaking, being fluent in the language will be a requirement or valuable skill for many jobs. A great opportunity for many job seekers in Montreal is the A&W Restaurants chain, which is opening 70 restaurants throughout the province. This will create more jobs for job seekers in the city and the province alike. Cactus Montreal is another organization that is looking to hire more individuals. In a competition held by The Montreal Gazette and Mediacorp Canada Inc., a few of the top employers in the city are Air Canada, L’Oréal Canada Inc., and ALDO Group Inc.


There are many ways to get from place to place in the city of Montreal. As for public transit, the city has a bus system and a subway system. Both are run by the Société de transport de Montreal. The company also provides a Paratransit service for anyone who experiences problems with mobility. In the summertime, a ferry service runs for the convenience of pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, the city has designated bike paths and provides a rental service for anyone looking to rent a bicycle. National and International travel is accommodated by the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. There is also a second airport in the city called the Montreal-Mirabel International Airport.



The city is home to a number of school boards that offer schooling in the French and English languages. The two English school boards in the city are: Lester B. Pearson School Board and English Montreal School Board. The three French language school boards are:Commission scolaire de Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Commission scolaire de Montreal and Commission scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Île. The city is also home to a large number of universities and colleges. There are four English colleges, including Dawson College and Vanier College. There are also 11 French language colleges including Cégep du Vieux Montreal and CollegeAhuntsic. Private colleges are also available in the city.

Family Life

Montreal is a great place for family life. There are plenty of places for families to get out and about, including parks, art centers and museums found around the city. Many performances and shows made for children make stops in the city and there are alsolive performances of children’s television programs. A few fun places for children are La Ronde, The Insectarium and the Montreal Science Centre. Daycare services are always nearby along with other services to make family life a little easier. Amenities are close by as well. The city also provides financial assistance for families who are purchasing a house in Montreal.


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