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7 Great Storage Solutions for Your Home

by Andra Hopulele
5 min. read

Keeping your home clutter-free can be challenging, but there are many ways you can work with the furniture you already have and improve or redesign your living space so that you have more spacious-looking rooms. There are a number of brilliant storage solutions that can be used throughout the home in order to save space and keep your home looking great. From the bedroom to the kitchen, through all the hallways in between, check out our top 7 storage tips.

Hidden Hallway Storage

Uncluttered hallways make a fantastic first impression for your guests and are always a welcome sight when you return home. Keep a space to hide away your shoes and hang coats; for those tight on space, convert an old wooden ladder into a coat stand, complete with shelves for shoes, keys and other useful objects.

High shelves are another alternative, and by fitting hooks to the undersides, you can create plenty of space to hang coats and scarves. The top surface can be used to store those things you don’t use so often, such as winter boots, travel gear and tents. Another solution is to create a cozy seating area in the hallway, with space underneath to store shoes and other things.

The Cupboards under the Stairs

It’s not unusual to have a cupboard under the stairs, though sometimes this valuable space goes to waste, soon becoming cluttered and making access to anything in it almost impossible. A solution is to create a number of smaller cupboards and drawers under your stairs, ideal for storing anything from shoes and coats, to the vacuum cleaner and cleaning products.

Alternatively, for those really tight on space, why not cleverly utilize the area underneath each individual step? By creating tiny cupboards under these, you can stash away any number of things, from shoes to your grandma’s finest china tea set. This is a great way to reclaim the space in your hallway, make it look more airy and brighter.

Self-Contained Closets & Cupboards

From your wardrobe to the bathroom cabinet, there’s ample spare space that can be used to maximize the number of objects you can hide away. The back of any cabinet and cupboard doors are particularly useful. Fix small baskets to bathroom cabinet doors to store bits and bobs such as hair ties or makeup, while kitchen cupboard doors can be used to hang foil or plastic wrap.

In the wardrobe, add shower curtain rings to a clothes hanger and suspend hats, scarves, ties or other accessories. Simply attach one or two such hangers to the back of the wardrobe doors to free up space on the main rail. You can also use S-hooks to hang up several pairs of pants in this way.

Hanging Around the Kitchen

No matter if you’re an avid cook or you only enter this room to make some tea and a sandwich, your kitchen should be designed to fit your needs. And when it comes to saving space in the kitchen and making it look more organized, there are a number of superb solutions. Keep your surfaces clutter-free by fitting magnetic knife racks and add a hanging rail with S-hooks for pots, pans, spice racks and hanging shelves. Fruit and veg can also be hung around the kitchen – just use hanging baskets or pegs for strings of onions or garlic. Wooden chopping boards can also be stored on the walls, creating practical, yet attractive wall decor.

Tuck-Away Bedding

Spare bedding, blankets and pillows take up a lot of valuable space. One of the smartest storage solutions for such bulky items is to hide them away under the bed or couch. It can be a good idea to choose a bed frame with ample space for drawers underneath. Fold out couches with space inside for stashing blankets are also a great buy.

Repurposed Shoe Organizers

Fabric shoe organizers can be used throughout the home for storing far more than shoes. These handy pockets can be hung on the laundry room wall and used to store cleaning supplies. Alternatively, hide small toys away and hang the pockets up on the back of the kids’ bedroom door. In the garage, tools, spray paints, work gloves and all your nails and screws can be put neatly on a wall or the back of the door.

Awesome Bathroom Storage

The bathroom is one of the rooms that seems to get cluttered very fast, but with a few tips and tricks yours can look sleek and smart. To create a minimalist look around the bathtub, try bath panel shelves. These open vertically, providing space for shampoo, shower gel and any number of other bits and bobs. If you want to maximize shower space, you could hang up baskets or fold-up shelves from the shower rail.

Make the most of the space under your sink and fit a small cabinet there – it won’t take up any additional space and it can be used to store all kinds of small items. If you’re low on space for hanging your towels, why not attach a towel rail to the back of the door? While we’re at the door, small shelves above it are ideal for spare towels and various supplies.

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