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8 Amenities that Seem Like a Good Idea, but Actually Aren’t

8 Amenities that Seem Like a Good Idea, but Actually Aren’t
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House hunting is an exciting time that promises a chance to change your life. Many of us will admit to getting a little carried away while seeking out a new abode, especially when it comes to getting drawn in by amazing amenities.  

But don’t fall for it. Often such features add a considerable sum to the price tag, and end up neglected at best, and a downright nuisance at worst! Let’s take a look at 8 amenities that seem like a good idea, but actually aren’t.

A huge yard…

We all dream of wide-open spaces and fresh air, and when a home with a huge yard comes on the market, you might be sold outright. However, how much yard space do you actually need? Unless you’re an extremely keen gardener with plenty of time on your hands, you might find that the yard is simply too much work for even the most avid hobbyist. Mowing the lawn becomes an epic chore, while weeds and plants become overgrown and tangled. Fixing it may require the services of a pro, but for such a huge piece of land, it won’t come cheap!

… With a pool

Ah, the pool! Seen as one of the best ways to chill out on a hot day and have fun, it’s also great for exercise and socializing. But pools need almost daily maintenance, or you run the risk of yours quickly becoming dirty and unusable. If you don’t have the time, it’s best to hire a company to take care of it. If not, you may soon end up resenting the green, slimy waters that once seemed so promising!

Outdoor kitchen

Like a pool, an outdoor kitchen sounds like a great idea for entertaining guests during the heat of summer. But what about the rest of the year? Unless you live in the hotter parts of the country, the chances are your yard is out of action for a large chunk of the year. During this time, your outdoor kitchen can get dirty and covered in moss if you’re not careful. Furniture will suffer a similar fate, and when the sun does start shining again, you might not be so keen on making use of it!

Open space floor plan

There’s no doubt that open space floor plans look fantastic in online photos or in magazines. However, looks can be deceiving, and when you actually live in a house with an open floor plan, you might begin to regret your choice. Privacy is difficult when there are no walls to divide the home up, which can be a real challenge for families big and small. Additionally, such spaces can act as echo chambers, making everything seem louder than it is. And, with fewer walls to put shelves up on or push furniture against, you can lose out on a lot of storage space.

Second bathroom

A downstairs guest bathroom sounds great in theory, but in practice, they’re nearly always located off the dining room or kitchen. Few of your guests will want to go about their business next to the busiest parts of your home and will typically make use of the more private main bathroom upstairs. As such, your second bathroom may soon become an improvised storage area.

High-end kitchen

Budding chefs can easily be enticed by a high-end kitchen, with top of the range, professional-level appliances. Such a kitchen can add thousands of dollars to a home, and while you may imagine yourself cooking up delicious delicacies on a daily basis, the chances are you won’t be cooking up anything you couldn’t make in a regular kitchen. These kitchens are normally quite large as well, meaning more space to clean, more nooks and crannies to de-grease, and probably more kitchen problems to stay on top of.

Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are a romantic idea and feature heavily among fairy tale castles and exquisite palaces. Squeezing the concept into a regular home doesn’t always work, however, and what seemed like a good idea at first glance, can soon become a daily irritation, especially if you need to carry bulky laundry baskets up and down the stairs. Besides that, the often-narrow steps can present a tripping hazard, and again, you lose out on storage space.

Designer bathroom

Another magazine classic, the designer bathroom looks beautiful. Sleek and elegant, the bathtub takes center stage, while a pedestal sink dazzles in the background. What the photos neglect to show are the cleaning products that are scattered around the floor, for the want of a cabinet to house them, or the trouble you might have squeezing into such a sleek and slender bathtub!

Homes that offer a little extra something can often lure you in, and before you know it, you can’t imagine life without that swimming pool with a built-in wave machine. Try not to give in, however, as amenities like these often mean more work than fun, and many design elements are often simple cosmetic features with no real-life value.

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