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Make an Entrance: 7 Lovely Ideas for Your Hallway

Make an Entrance: 7 Lovely Ideas for Your Hallway
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Often forgotten, and a place for clutter and mess to accumulate, the hallway is sadly neglected in many homes. But as the first part of your home guests see, it’s important to keep it looking great, especially if those guests happen to be potential buyers. Creating a warm welcome can be tricky in this often cramped and busy space. 

But there’s hope yet. There are many ways to keep your hallway looking stunning and creating the welcome you and your guests deserve. Here are 7 design ideas that can transform your hallway from a cluttered passage to a glamorous greeting room.

Add Smart Storage

The number one problem with many hallways is that they tend to accumulate clutter. Coats, jackets and scarves for all seasons tend to overstay their welcome, becoming bulging bundles that threaten to pull the hooks from your wall. Boots and shoes are similar offenders, left in disarray across the precious floor space you do have.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By adding smart storage solutions, you can hide away that clutter, while making your hallway look as beautiful as it is practical. A hall seat that opens up into a chest is a great place to hide away boots and shoes while also providing a place to sit as you boot up. Under-stair storage can also be utilized for those lesser used garments, while open units fitted with dividers are great for hanging scarves, coats and bags.

Add a Splash of Colour

Image: New Africa / Shutterstock.com

Most hallways enjoy a relatively safe, neutral palette, inoffensive to guests, though creating an unimpressive welcome. While a neutral palette is tried and tested, there’s no reason why you can’t step out of the box. Add a splash of colour to liven things up and create a fun and friendly atmosphere.

One feature wall or door can breathe new life into an otherwise dull space such as the cupboard under the stairs. Additionally, this colour can draw the eye toward furniture you’d like to showcase and away from less desirable elements.

Feature Your Colourful Garments

There’s no need to splurge on expensive decor and artwork for your hallway if you’d rather spend elsewhere. If you own colourful coats, scarves, bags or boots, these can be proudly displayed in contrast to the palette of the rest of your hallway. Hang bright garments against a neutral wall to let them shine, while colourful shoes and boots look great climbing the stairs or sitting atop a simple set of shelves.

Add Decorative Plants

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Houseplants are great for breathing life into any part of the home, and the hallway is no different. Use window sills, narrow benches, shelves or table tops to display an array of stunning houseplants. With colourful pots, you can create a contrast of colours, especially since there are so many plants in a variety of hues readily available.

Don’t Waste an Inch!

Dead space is a no-no in the hallway, as it’s bound to become a home for clutter eventually. Instead, fill nooks and crannies with furniture or attractive storage solutions. A small bench is always a useful addition in the hallway, while tables, cabinets or coat stands look great while serving a purpose.

Step Up to the Challenge

Image: Bilanol / Shutterstock.com

Many hallways feature a staircase, and while this tricky element can seem difficult to work with, it is easily transformed into a work of art. In doing so, you can turn your drab staircase into an eye-catching feature. A simple way to transform your steps is to strip them back to the wood and give them a lick of paint.

A mix of neutral and bold colours can work well depending on your taste and the rest of the decor. Adding a feature colour on one riser or step can also draw the eye. Alternatively, keep the wood exposed and lay a runner up the middle, to match or counter the colour of the surroundings. Finally, if space allows, garnish lower steps with decor, plants or even a pair of beautiful shoes.

Open the Doors to Perfection

One often overlooked, but absolutely essential element of any hallway is the front door. It’s the first and last thing your guests will see when they drop by to visit, so why not make it stand out and blow them away? Go all out with your front door and treat it as a work of art rather than a simple slab of wood to keep the wind out.

Depending on the design elements in the rest of your hallway, you might consider a front door with stained-glass, bold colours or stunning exposed wood. You can even hang a painting or print, or if you’re thinking completely outside the box, wallpaper, on your front door, allowing it to really stand out.

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