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Real Estate Keywords: The Most Popular Home Description Words in 2019

by Andra Hopulele
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For homeowners, home is where the heart is … and where the family is, and where all the things they love are – including the quirky bathroom and that squeaky bedroom floorboard. But, what about home-seekers? The place they are looking for needs to be – from every point of view – the ideal home; it has to be financially feasible and in the right location, with all the right features and amenities.

So, how do real estate agents connect homebuyers with their ideal homes? It all starts with amazing listing descriptions, and acing a home description is the first step in finding the right buyer for the right home. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but words have their own way of painting a picture.

With that in mind, the analysts at Point2 Homes examined 1.2 million listings across the U.S. containing 65 million words to see which are the words that agents use the most.

Check out the main takeaways:

  • “Spacious, fluid floorplan” or “stainless steel appliances?” The short answer is both. Creative, engaging home descriptions based on adjectives – as well as practical details – make a big difference when it comes to how buyers perceive a property.
  • No matter the price range or the region, the three absolute winners are “granite countertops,” “hardwood floors” and “stainless steel appliances,” signaling buyers’ preference for practical and beautiful listing details.
  • If you’re expecting to find major differences between listing descriptions in the $250,000 to $500,000 range and listings in the “$1M-$5M” range, you’ll be disappointed. An increase in buyers’ expectations, coupled with a generalized upgrade in amenities to meet those expectations, has led to the majority of listing descriptions mentioning quite similar features.
  • When it comes to the homes going for more than $5 million, the significant description differences indicate a real change. Here, “chef/gourmet kitchen,” “pool and spa” and “wine cellar,” as well as an abundance of lofty adjectives, are the most-used terms.


The Most-Used Real Estate Listing Words in 2019

A home description should play up a property’s main assets and complement the pictures, to help home-seekers imagine their new life in the new home.

The list of words that will impress a potential buyer changes as homebuyers’ preferences change, and as different trends in home design and architecture evolve to meet our needs. But what stays the same are the staples of modern comfort, words describing features and amenities that still reflect practicality, convenience and a certain elegance.

For the full list of the most used keywords in 2019, access the PDF version of the study.


Features & Amenities: Price Range Dictates Word Choice

Granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances and hardwood floors are a must, no matter the price category, but they are mentioned the most in descriptions of properties from the three non-luxury price categories. Aside from the obligatory granite countertops and hardwood floors, descriptions almost always mention the “open floor” concept and natural light, as well as any updates the property has undergone.


Most Popular Luxury Features & Amenities

Features like “hardwood floors” and “stainless steel appliances” are standard requirements. But, once a property crosses the $1-million threshold into the luxury category, amenities like “chef/gourmet kitchen,” “wine cellar” and “ocean views” start gaining in popularity. And, when it comes to descriptions of properties priced at more than $5 million, the focus shifts to the unique qualities of a home, with features like “pool and spa” and “media room” climbing much higher in the ranks.

For the full list of keywords according to price, access the PDF version of the study.

Features & Amenities: Geographically Specific Words Are a Must

Homebuyers want the best features and amenities and, in certain areas, that means more than hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings. Depending on the geographical area where they live, home-seekers might want to enjoy “mountain views,” “ocean views” or “lake views,”“brick home” with a “covered back porch” or a “cozy fireplace.” Or, maybe a “pool.”

If a home does have something extra – something that its location makes possible – the description highlights it. The listings emphasize what makes that property unique and desirable, whether that is a “ranch-style home” in the Midwest or the “swimming pool” that is almost a must in the South.

For the full list of keywords according to geographical region, access the PDF version of the study.

Adjectives Galore in Luxury Listing Descriptions

Complementing the pictures, adjectives set up buyers’ expectations by highlighting the less-conspicuous features and characteristics of a home. In particular, they reveal a home’s personality and the vibe of the neighborhood.

Additionally, our analysis shows that adjectives are more common in the top price tier. Descriptors like “gorgeous,” “bright” and “elegant” create an edge for a property that already has it all, helping it stand out even more.

For the full list of the most used adjectives, access the PDF version of the study.

Rooms & Spaces: Most Popular Keywords by Category

Whether it’s the “large, eat-in kitchen,” the “open concept living-room” with “vaulted ceilings” or the “large master bedroom” with “walk-in closet,” home-seekers’ preference for expansive, fluid living spaces is apparent.


Brand Names: The 9 Most Popular Brands in Home Descriptions

With home descriptions zeroing in on features and amenities that are both practical and modern, it’s no wonder that the brands mentioned the most are famous for the same attributes: elegance and practicality. Brand names like WhirlpoolSub-ZeroMiele and Ikea are the most used when advertising a home in 2019.

Altogether, Point2 Homes analysts found that nine brands were mentioned in home descriptions. All are synonymous with stylish, well-designed appliances, furniture and equipment.



Powerful, creative words and inspiring phrases turn houses, properties and simple condos into homes. Is the property located in a quiet cul-de-sac, perfect for relaxing afternoons away from the hustle and bustle of the big city? Or, does it have a generous patio, ideal for entertaining guests and chatting with friends until late in the warm summer evenings?

Different features will appeal to different buyers, but a home’s description is the first step in connecting the right home with the right homebuyer.



For this study, we analyzed a pool of 1,200,000 listings all across the U.S. active in July 2019 on the Point2 Homes website. We ranked the meaningful keywords according to the number of times they appeared in the available home descriptions.

We excluded prepositions and linking words, as well as words that were spelled incorrectly.

Keyword lists in all price segments were based on listings from that specific price range. Keyword lists for all of the U.S. regions in the study were based on listings from each of those specific regions.

For comparison, see our 2012 study on the most-used real estate listing keywords and discover the key findings, along with the differences and similarities between the most-used words then and now.

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