Americans Serious About Moving to Cape Breton, Canada. Local Real Estate Searches Jump by 3,450%
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Americans Serious About Moving to Cape Breton, Canada. Local Real Estate Searches Jump by 3,450%

Americans Serious About Moving to Cape Breton, Canada. Local Real Estate Searches Jump by 3,450%
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LATEST UPDATE: Since we published the article, visits on the Cape Breton listing pages have spiked. On Friday, they went over 50,000, while the number of emails being sent to agents surged to over 250. Click here to take a look at the traffic. 

The prospect of Donald Trump becoming the next US President should be, according to this website, enough of a reason for Americans to move abroad. The destination the people behind the website propose is none other than Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada!

The buzz created around this story made many wonder if this was just a clever, yet flippant, move meant only to draw attention to the island, which has seen a depreciation in population in the past decade. However, the website founders insist that their offer is for real and they want Americans to take it seriously. And indeed they have done, as searches for real estate in Cape Breton Island are breaking the records in Google.

There’s even more good news which may encourage Americans to consider moving to Canada — the depreciation of the Canadian dollar, which just made real estate on the other side of the border very attractive to US citizens.

Cape Breton Real Estate Searches Are Sky Rocketing

Americans seem to be very open to the idea of buying a house in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Our own data shows that searches for real estate in Cape Breton spiked sharply in the past few days, going over 20,000 visits on average — from the U.S. only. Not only that, but at least two dozen potential home buyers have sent emails to agents, showing their interest in houses on the island.Cape Breton Island attracts interest from American home buyers 

Even Google seems to confirm that a lot more people are interested in Cape Breton houses and climate, searches having increased by 34 times what they were before the story went out:

Cape Breton if Donald Trump wins


What Can You Expect from the Housing Market in Cape Breton Island?

With weather being very similar to the North East parts of the U.S. and the housing market among the most affordable in North America, Americans might find Cape Breton Island a good place to move to. Add free healthcare, sailing competitions, hockey tournaments and hearing a diversity of languages spoken around you (English, French, Gaelic, and occasionally the indigenous Mi’kmaq) and you’re getting a better picture of life on this island. Two of the downsides, officials warn, are the rising unemployment and declining population.

Click on the image below to see more homes for sale in Cape Breton Island.

Cape Breton homes for sale

Top 5 Most Popular Homes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

As a result of the growing interest in Cape Breton homes, several listings on our website are becoming very popular, some totaling more than 3,000 visits.

Here are the island’s homes Americans are looking at the most:

68 Daley Road, Asking price: $125,000 CAD / $91,160 USD

Visits: 4,479


1261 Victoria Road, Asking price: $69,900 CAD / $50,976 USD

Visits: 3,390


1180 Hillside Boularderie Road, Asking price: $169,000 CAD / $123,245 USD

Visits: 2,395


18 Birchwood, Asking price: $299,900 CAD / $218,710 USD

Visits: 2,395


1585 Grand Lake Road, Asking price: $129,500 CAD / $94,441 USD

Visits: 1,760




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