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Minimalist Decor: 5 Inspiring Ideas for Your Home

Minimalist Decor: 5 Inspiring Ideas for Your Home
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If you dream of a home with clean surfaces, sleek lines, and plenty of open space, you might be a minimalist at heart. But don’t worry, choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean going without. Instead, it means surrounding yourself with beautiful things that serve a purpose or bring you joy. It also means eliminating the unnecessary to make room for what really matters.

When it comes to home design, minimalistic decor lets you live in a home that works for you rather than the other way around. A minimalistic home also creates a sense of calm and provides a haven from the sensory overload we are faced with every day. But there’s a fine line between minimalist decor and a room that feels stark. To successfully incorporate minimalist design style, it’s best to follow a few simple guidelines.

Adopt a Neutral Palette

If your goal is a home with a calm and soothing aesthetic, bright, bold colors are not going to work in your favor. But this doesn’t mean your only option is white on white. Choose a subdued palette and then add interest by layering in shades of the same color. Neutrals such as cream, grey, and beige are popular choices for a base palette and include a wide range of shades in both warm and cool tones. Stick with colors found in nature to create a serene backdrop.


Photo: LEKSTOCK 3D / Shutterstock

Texture, Texture, Texture

Working with neutral colors and minimalistic decor can sometimes leave a room feeling cold and flat. The secret to bringing a minimal space to life is to layer in plenty of texture. Chunky knits, shag carpets, and natural materials such as wood, jute, and stone will add depth and variety to a room. Be sure to mix these rough finishes with soft textures like velvet and (faux) fur, as well as sleek surfaces such as glass and metal. As long as you stick to your neutral color palette, you can layer on the sensory appeal.

Combine Beauty and Function

One of the key principles of minimalist decor is the belief that items should be both beautiful and functional. Why give precious space to something that doesn’t serve a purpose? To put this into practice, let your furniture act as the focal point while decorative elements play a supporting role.

Since there are fewer objects to draw attention in a minimal space, each piece of furniture will have a significant impact on the look and feel of the room. Selecting quality pieces that stand the test of time will create a beautiful space that makes a statement. Avoid impulse buys and the urge to fill empty spots with trendy items that will quickly lose their appeal.


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Bring your Home to Life

Plants are like a minimalist’s secret weapon. When you’re trying to maintain a clean look with minimal clutter, plants are the perfect accessory. They add color and texture, purify the air, and can bring an austere room to life. Creating harmony with nature also helps ground a space providing a calming environment.

From cactuses to fiddle leaf figs, there are different plants to represent almost any design style. House plants also come in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to find the right plant for any space. If your home is small, try succulents to bring in texture and subdued color. Or, if you have a lot of space to work with, Monstera plants sport large leaves that will add interest to any room.

Edit and Embrace White Space

We’re often tempted to fill every empty corner and hang something on every wall of our home. To successfully create a minimalist aesthetic, you have to embrace the less is more mantra. So, edit, edit, edit. Remove everything in your home that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring a smile to your face. Even your favorite decor can start to look dated after a few years, so it’s OK to let some things go to freshen your space.

When it comes to furniture, editing is also crucial in creating an open and uncluttered space.  Many of us have more furniture than we need in our homes. You’ll be amazed at the difference removing just one piece can make.  When deciding which furniture to keep, choose pieces with clean lines and minimal visual weight. The more floor space you can see, the less crowded your room will feel.

Minimalist decor smartly combines comfort, style, and functionality. With a bit of planning, you too can achieve a home with less clutter and more room to breathe.


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