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8 Interior Design Tips for a Stylish Bathroom

8 Interior Design Tips for a Stylish Bathroom
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Bathroom Design Tips

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Let’s face it: the bathroom can be a pretty utilitarian space. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. A few simple updates can transform your bathroom from a place where you just get ready into a spa-like oasis. Start your day off in the best way possible by elevating your bathroom with these eight interior design tips.

1.      Upgrade Your Linens

From a plush bath mat to super-soft towels, the quickest and easiest way to level up your bathroom is to fill it with luxurious linens. You’ll smile every day when you wrap yourself in a thick, plush towel and step onto a soft and cushy bath mat.

Don’t forget the shower curtain! Replace single, plastic shower curtains with a liner-and-cloth-curtain combo. Not only will it look super chic, but it will also make your bathroom feel oh-so classy.

Bathroom Design Tips

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2.      Level Up your Lighting

The right light can completely transform a room – especially when it’s in a small space like a bathroom. Far too often, bathrooms feature only one overhead or vanity light. Use multiple light sources to evenly illuminate areas such as the vanity and shower.

For overall lighting, go glam with decorative ceiling fixtures. A chandelier will make a statement and add some sparkle. And, don’t forget to take advantage of natural light. Remove heavy window treatments and opt for sheers or retractable blinds that let in as much daylight as possible.

3.      Camouflage Your Toiletries

Nothing tarnishes your personal sanctuary more than toiletries strewn all over the counter. Take a cue from pro organizers and stash your stuff in a collection of cute containers. Look for coordinating sets with sealed lids to keep your beauty products protected from moisture. To elevate the look even further, try using a fancy dish for bar soap or a glam tumbler for toothbrushes.

Bathroom Design Tips

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4.      Add a Ledge

A small shelf can go a long way; so many bathrooms are short on both storage and space. And, while it can be challenging to find room for extra cabinets, you can almost always find a spot to fit a small shelf.

If you’re lacking vanity space, add a ledge above the sink for the little things you use every day. There’s also usually a lot of unused wall space above the toilet; install a few small, clear, glass shelves for extra storage that blends right in.

5.      Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Want to make a major impression with minimal effort? Upgrade your bathroom mirror. This simple change will be the first thing people notice when they walk in the room. Look for a stylish, round mirror or on-trend, metallic frame. If you’re on a budget or want some extra character, shop flea markets and estate sales for fabulous, vintage finds.

Bathroom Design Tips

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6.      Take a Seat

Adding a place to sit (that’s not the toilet!) will make your bathroom feel grand. It can also help soften a room that’s filled with hard surfaces. Add a stool, ottoman or bench for a luxurious spot to lounge and give yourself your next pedicure.

Place a stool outside the shower for a spot to lay a towel or a change of clothes. Or, a bench beside a tub makes a perfect place to sit and dry off after a leisurely soak. If you’re lacking space, a tiny stool that can be tucked under the vanity or stowed in the shower will add convenience when you need it.

7.      Don’t Be Afraid of Color

All too often, bathrooms are designed in a neutral color palette. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a well-done, neutral color scheme, incorporating a few pops of color can bring a room to life.

Add a bright rug and coordinating towels to bring a splash of color to a neutral backdrop. Or, go natural and bring in some greenery for a lively touch. For the bold at heart, try patterned wallpaper for a dramatic effect.

Bathroom Design Tips

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8.      Give the Floor a Facelift

Outdated floor tiles are one of the most common disappointments in a bathroom. If a full bathroom remodel isn’t an option, you can still pull off an impressive update with a few do-it-yourself tricks.

Peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles, for example, are easy to install and will turn old, dated flooring into a stunning, new floor that no one will be able to tell isn’t the real thing. Or, if you’re skilled with a paintbrush, disguise ugly tiles at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Each of these interior design tips for bathrooms is completely within reach. Incorporate them all for a complete bathroom makeover. Or, start small and test out the difference just one of these changes can make!

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