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Looking for the Perfect Place to Rent? These 7 Amenities Are a Must for Young Couples

Looking for the Perfect Place to Rent? These 7 Amenities Are a Must for Young Couples
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Looking for the Perfect Place to Rent? These 7 Amenities Are a Must

It’s not easy to find the ideal home, and finding the best place to rent may be equally challenging, especially as a young couple. It’s important that both partners’ individual needs are catered to, but there are some things that are almost universal. When it comes to amenities, some things rank higher than others, and while you might desire an on-site gym and spa, you can live without a luxury like this. 

Instead, it’s a good idea to give priority to those amenities that you really can’t live without when seeking a rental. The perfect place to rent might not be the most luxurious, but it could be the most practical, giving peace of mind and solutions to any potential problem. Below are seven amenities that all young couples are likely to appreciate.

Modern Necessities

In the digital age, there are certain features that few of us can live without. To stay connected to the online world, a good quality, high speed Internet connection is essential. Since we rely so much on the Internet for everything from job seeking to managing finances, it’s hard to imagine life without a good connection, though there are places out there that don’t offer this. Alongside good broadband, it’s worth seeking out places with multiple, well-placed charging outlets and electrical sockets.

In-Unit Appliances

Looking at more traditional needs and desires, there are a range of in-unit appliances that are well worth looking out for. A good clothes washer (and preferably also dryer) will allow you to manage your laundry without having to rely on a launderette, saving time and money. Seek places that offer all the essential kitchen appliances and keep an eye out for energy efficient models that are not only better for the environment but can also save you money on your bills.

Heating and Cooling

This is largely dependent on the location you wish to rent in, although a good air conditioning unit can be a godsend during hot summer days. Additionally, when the cold of winter creeps in, you’ll want a reliable central heating system. Seek out modern appliances with smart controllers in order to streamline temperature management in your new place.


Many young couples test out their nurturing sides long before thinking about parenthood. From dogs and cats to fish and reptiles, pets are a welcome addition to a young couple’s life and could lay the foundation of what may someday become a family. If you already have a furry friend or you’re thinking about adopting one, seek out places that allow pets, taking care to note whether there is a large-dog or multiple-pet policy in place. On top of allowing pets, be aware of the local area, checking that it offers places to walk a dog if necessary and that there is a veterinary clinic nearby.

Parking and Travel Amenities

For the drivers out there, a secure, allocated parking space is preferable, and for those ahead of the game, a nearby electric car charging station may become essential. For cyclists, it’s wise to ensure that there is somewhere to safely leave bikes. Walkability is also important, with shops and other local amenities ideally being within comfortable walking distance.

Outdoor Spaces

A decent outdoor space can be a fantastic addition to any property, especially in the warmer months. For condos and apartments, a balcony or a communal outdoor space offers somewhere to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the company of your partner. A yard is desirable for those renting houses and can offer an excellent space for outdoor hobbies and social occasions.


For those looking to start their own family, there are several local amenities that you should keep a lookout for. First and foremost, good schools and kindergartens in the area are a must. Check that the property you plan to rent falls into the catchment zones for the schools you’re interested in. On top of schools, it’s good to have nearby playgrounds and other places that children can enjoy.

Before agreeing to a tenancy, be sure you know exactly which amenities are included. Many landlords offer only the bare basics, though with a little planning and searching, you can find some real gems!

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