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Canada vs. USA: A Decade of Changes

Canada vs. USA: A Decade of Changes
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When it comes to the evolution of housing and lifestyle in the US and Canada, the ten years that have passed since the real estate crisis have brought some significant changes. For Tom and Joe, the average citizens living north and south of the International Border, these changes have transformed the past decade into a roller coaster. So check out the video to see all the highs and lows:

There’s some bad news for Tom and Joe, like homeownership rates going down and wages not keeping up with home prices, but there’s good news as well. The amount of space both Canadians and Americans can enjoy has doubled since the 70s, and this is not the only lifestyle improvement people in Canada and the US have seen. For a more detailed comparison between the housing market and changes in lifestyle in the two countries, check out our full study.

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