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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average rent in Albuquerque, NM?

The average rent in Albuquerque, NM is at $998. There are 60 apartments for rent in Albuquerque, NM to choose from, with prices between $455 and $4,952 per month.

How to search for apartments for rent in Albuquerque, NM?

Your perfect apartment for rent in Albuquerque, NM is just a few clicks away on Point2. You can look up 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom apartments, studio apartments or any other type of rental in Albuquerque, NM. Just use the filtering options available to find properties according to your needs. 

How to find Albuquerque, NM apartments for rent I can afford?

On Point2, you can search for apartment rentals in Albuquerque, NM based on your budget. Sort all condos according to price, or get a tailored list of properties by setting the minimum and maximum monthly rates you're comfortable with. Moreover, you can use the Price Drop filter to look for any recent rent declines on the Albuquerque, NM rental market. 

What type of information can I find on Point2?

Point2 offers a lot of information about rentals in Albuquerque, NM, from property type, square footage and amenities to area demographics and even local rent trends. Additionally, you can use the map view to check if the apartments you're looking at are close to the facilities and services you need. The name and contact details of the real estate agents handling the condos are available on all listings, so just reach out to them directly through the contact forms provided. 

How to find apartments for rent near me?

Save time and energy when looking up nearby rental places by using the Point2 near me pages: Apartments for rent near your location | Houses for rent near me| Townhomes for rent near me | 1-bedroom rentals near me| 2-bedroom rentals near me | 3-bedroom rentals near me

Renter’s City Guide to Albuquerque, NM

Introducing Albuquerque Expenses & Housing Stats Jobs & Education Lifestyle & Renting Tips

While Albuquerque is situated amid the deserts of New Mexico, it's well-known for being a great city for outdoor lovers. A surprisingly pleasant climate encourages locals to enjoy a large variety of parks in and around the city, as well as over half a dozen national parks. In short, Albuquerque is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the country. Indeed, the city is rated among the top 50 places to live by US News.

How big is Albuquerque?

With an area of 189 sq. miles, Albuquerque is about half the size of Dallas, Texas, and around two-thirds smaller than Phoenix, Arizona. It has a population of just over 559,200 residents, lending the city the vibe of a far smaller town.

What cities are close to Albuquerque?

Due to its desert location, Albuquerque is pretty far away from other major cities. Denver, CO is around 450 miles to the north, while Phoenix, AZ, is approximately 420 miles to the west. The Texas/Mexico/New Mexico border town of El Paso is around 270 miles south of Albuquerque. Meanwhile, Santa Fe, NM, is just 64 miles to the north and can typically be reached in just over an hour.

What is the weather like in Albuquerque?

With a cool, semi-arid climate, Albuquerque enjoys rather pleasant weather considering its desert location. With low annual precipitation levels and at least 300 sunny days, the city spends around 15-20% of the year with temperatures exceeding 90℉. In winter, temperatures can reach freezing, though snow is extremely rare. Spring and fall are both enjoyable, with temperatures typically in the high 60s to low 80s.


What are the pros of living in Albuquerque?

A wealth of natural beauty is one of the biggest pros of living in Albuquerque, paired with stunning weather to enjoy it in. Over 25% of the city is covered in parks, more than any other metro in the US. Besides great weather and beautiful surroundings, the city is wonderfully diverse. Proximity to the Mexican border gives the city a large Hispanic community, resulting in an exciting and lively vibe and attractive dining options.

Albuquerque Demographic Highlights

Total Population 559,374
Median Age 36.6

How much is public transportation in Albuquerque?

The City of Albuquerque Transit Department provides several local bus routes in and around the city. A one-way ticket on local lines will cost $1, while a monthly pass is just $30. 

Additionally, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express Commuter Rail System is ideal for commuting from the suburbs into downtown or further out of the city. Fares are calculated by the number of zones traveled and tickets start at $2 for traveling in 1 zone, up to $10 for six zones. Albuquerque's metro is just 1 zone, making travel convenient and affordable. A full-fare annual ticket for this service would start at $385.

How much does a meal cost in Albuquerque?

Eating out is pretty affordable in Albuquerque, with a meal at an inexpensive restaurant averaging around $15. A 3-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will generally cost about $50 and regular coffee averages out at $4.20.

How much are utilities in Albuquerque?

For a 915 sq ft apartment, you can expect to pay around $146 per month on basic utilities. This includes water, heating, cooling, electricity and garbage disposal. For an internet connection, you should add around $70 per month.

Albuquerque Rent Statistics

Apartment Rent Ranges

$501 - $70014.17%
$701 - $1,00047.9%
$1,001 - $1,50029.09%
$1,501 - $2,0006.85%
> $20001.33%

Average Rent Trends

What is the average rent in Albuquerque?

The average rent for an apartment in Albuquerque is $990 per month.

What is the average apartment size in Albuquerque?

The average apartment size in Albuquerque is 811 sq. ft.

What is the rent for a studio apartment in Albuquerque?

Rent for a studio apartment in Albuquerque ranges between $455 and $1,515 per month.

What is the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque?

Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque ranges between $555 and $3,734 per month.

What is the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque?

Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque ranges between $608 and $4,672 per month.

What is the rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque?

Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Albuquerque ranges between $693 and $4,839 per month.

Albuquerque Housing Statistics

Occupied Housing Units 224,166
Owner occupied 59.72%
Renter occupied 40.28%

What are the major industries in Albuquerque?

By the number of employees, Albuquerque's major industries include manufacturing, energy (including solar and nuclear), aerospace and defense.

What are the top employers in Albuquerque?

General Mills and Intel are among the biggest employers in Albuquerque, offering many jobs predominantly in their manufacturing plants. For military opportunities, Kirtland Air Force Base is a top employer, providing tens of thousands of jobs for civilians and military personnel alike.

Albuquerque Employment Statistics

White Collar 228,327
Blue Collar 40,903
White Collar 84.81%
Blue Collar 15.19%
Self Employment 21,946
Private Companies 167,704
Governmental Workers 53,971
Not for Profit Companies 25,609
Self Employment 8.15%
Private Companies 62.29%
Governmental Workers 20.05%
Not for Profit Companies 9.51%

What are the top colleges in Albuquerque?

The University of New Mexico is the most prominent college in the city, offering one of the best medical schools in the country. There’s also Central New Mexico Community College, which provides shorter degree programs in a number of fields. The Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute caters to Native Americans, with students from over 120 tribes.

Albuquerque Education Statistics

No High School3.56%
Some High School30.53%
Some College25.77%
Associate Degree7.99%
Bachelor Degree18.17%
Graduate Degree0%

What parks are there in Albuquerque?

Over 25% of the city is dedicated to parks, so there's plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature both inside and outside the city. Albuquerque Biological Park is packed full of attractions, such as botanical gardens, a zoo, an aquarium and even a beach for boating and fishing. Rio Grande Nature Center State Park is another popular choice, while other outdoor areas of interest include La Luz Trail and Sandia Park.

What sports teams play in Albuquerque?

The Albuquerque Isotopes is a minor league baseball team that is loved by the locals and the University of New Mexico's Lobos play in several college football, basketball and baseball leagues.

What are the main annual events in Albuquerque?

The main event in Albuquerque is the International Balloon Fiesta, which takes place each fall. The sky comes alive with hot-air balloons as enthusiasts from across the globe converge on the city. Indeed, it's become so popular that it is one of the most photographed events in the world.

What are the best museums in Albuquerque?

Culture vultures have plenty to keep them entertained as there are tons of museums, monuments and education centers in the city. Among the top-rated are the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, and the Explora Science Center. To better understand the local history, it's well worth checking out the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

Albuquerque Household Statistics

Total Number of Households 224,166
Average People Per Household 2
Median Household Income$52,911
Average Household Income$72,264
No Children

What are the renter’s rights in Albuquerque?

While renters' rights are fairly well protected in Albuquerque, it's worth checking your tenancy agreement thoroughly before signing. If you break any aspect of your contract, such as delaying rent payment or causing damage to the unit, your landlord can give you 7-day notice to resolve the problem or leave. Landlords must issue this notice within 30-days of the situation arising. Once 7-days are up, you will be obliged to move out or face eviction. If you resolve the issue within 7-days, you can stay, but a repeat offense will result in a non-negotiable second 7-day notice period, after which you must vacate the premises.

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