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Moving to Mississauga – 5 Things You Need to Know

Moving to Mississauga – 5 Things You Need to Know
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Do you plan on relocating to a quieter area this year while at the same time not moving too far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life? We might just have the perfect place for you! The Mississauga real estate market currently boasts quite an impressive variety of affordable family homes and apartments in peaceful, charming neighbourhoods. It also offers easy access to larger cities nearby, along with plenty of other perks. Below you’ll find 5 facts you need to be aware of before moving to Sauga:

Mild Weather Year-Round

Thanks to its outstanding location next to Lake Ontario, Mississauga enjoys the lake effect, which contributes to a moderate climate. A downside of this fact is that foggy days are pretty common in spring and autumn months, greatly characterising the weather of the neighbourhoods adjacent to the lake.

Compared to other parts of the country, Sauga sees relatively low snowfall in winter. During these cold months temperatures are frequently below freezing, with a mean temperature of -6OC.  The summers are generally warm with high humidity, boasting averages around 20OC.

Getting around Mississauga

Since the city of Mississauga is quite spread out, getting around on foot can prove to be quite challenging. Public transport is managed by MiWay, which offers both local as well as express travel buses on a large number of routes. Despite offering a wide range of connections, public transportation routes don’t always reach all corners of the city, so many locals prefer getting around by car.

Having your own car has the obvious advantage of providing you with flexibility and reliability. But don’t forget that besides spending money on fuel and maintenance, you’ll also need to think about limited parking spots and costly parking fees around the city. Before you decide on how you can easily get around Mississauga, make sure you analyze the pros and cons of both local transport services and car ownership.

Reasonable Housing Options

Compared to Toronto, Mississauga boasts a much more reasonably priced real estate market with an average residential price of $631,372. The number of rental vacancies is pretty low in this city, with bachelor units boasting an average monthly rent of $866 being the hardest to find. Two- and three-bedroom homes are easier to find but naturally have a higher monthly price.

As far as neighbourhoods go, Cooksville provides you with a solid central base, steps away from the most important amenities as well as the second largest shopping centre in Canada, Square One Mall. Erin Mills is the most inhabited area in the city, dotted by multi-level single-family homes. Lakeview and Port Credit can be found next to Lake Ontario, with a blend of both family homes and blocks of flats which are generally sold rather than being rented out to tenants.

All-Round Multiculturalism

More than half of Mississauga’s residents are made up of visible minorities, according to the recent census. The city is home to a large number of Indian, Chinese, Irish, Scottish and Italian ethnic groups, with Sauga having one of the most diverse populations among the country’s large cities.

This multiculturalism contributes to a multitude of colourful cultural events, gastronomic experiences and exciting festivals all the year round. Carassauga, Mississauga’s Festival of Cultures, is one of the largest social gatherings in Canada and the most famous festival in the city. It celebrates diversity through various displays of music food and fashion from different cultures, which can be found scattered around the city in late May.

Proximity to Toronto’s Assets

One of the unbeatable advantages of living in Mississauga is its proximity to Toronto. Although Sauga is a fantastic city in itself, it still has a small town vibe, which Queen City nicely balances with its vibrant nightlife, buzzing business district and its many cultural events.

The fastest way to Downtown Toronto is by car, but you need to be aware of the rush hours and to plan your journey to avoid traffic jams. Regular buses and express trains also connect the two cities with surprisingly budget-friendly fares. And don’t forget Mississauga’s proximity to Toronto Pearson International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Canada, offering easy access to virtually any country in the world.

(Besides all the advantages of being near Canada’a largest city, job-seekers often find joy in Mississauga itself, and with low start-up costs and its share of business development programs this city could also be place for you to launch your company.)

As you can see, Mississauga is the perfect base for those in search of a laid-back lifestyle but who would also like to take advantage of the big city life every now and then. It is an excellent place to move to whether you want a more peaceful place for your family, plan on launching your business or just want to enjoy life. Make sure you do your research beforehand, and Sauga will then surely make it worth your while.

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