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Canadians’ Top 30 Most Desired Destinations to Buy a Home in the Americas

Canadians’ Top 30 Most Desired Destinations to Buy a Home in the Americas
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Although the pandemic managed to keep some Canadians from going south, many others were undeterred: Snowbirds and home buyers interested in more exotic locations continued to search for the perfect home south of the border a home that would provide some much needed respite from the pandemic’s relentless stress and frustration.

So, what are Canadians’ most popular destinations to buy a home in the Americas? Well, compared to 2015 and 2018, there are some surprising changes at the top. But, there are also certain destinations that are becoming mainstays.

Here are this year’s key takeaways:

  • Mexico and the U.S. remain the most popular destinations in which to buy a second home in the Americas.
  • Costa Rica — the third-most sought-after location in 2018  remains on the podium, solidifying its position as one of the most in-demand tropical locations.
  • Newcomers Barbados and the U.S. Virgin Islands kicked Jamaica and Ecuador out of the top 10 most-desirable locations.
  • The newest addition to Canada’s top 30 most searched vacation destinations is Saint Kitts and Nevins.

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#1 Mexico’s Amazing Beaches Continue to Attract Canadian Homebuyers

Mexico remains Canadians’ darling in 2021. In fact, this tropical paradise hasn’t budged from the first place since 2015, when Point2 first started analyzing the most-searched vacation destinations.

Here, the three locations that dominate Canadians’ imaginations and attract the most searches are Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Thanks to their endless beaches, exquisite cuisine and laid-back, joyful customs and way of life, these resort cities promise a much-needed change of lifestyle for those willing to make a more permanent move.

So, what housing options are available for Canadians ready to flee to Mexico? Below are some properties that go for approximately the median home price in Canada, which reached a staggering $663,503 in August, according to CREA:

#2 U.S. Retains Its Appeal for Canadian Second-Home Buyers

Canada’s neighbor to the south has always been a convenient location for second home buyers. And, with locations that have something for everyone, the U.S. is sure to attract home buyers who’d love a change of scenery.

As expected, Canadians’ preferred locations in the U.S. are well-known, popular cities like New York and Las Vegas, but also amazing, tropical-weather destinations like Hawaii and Florida. What’s more, these search patterns show that, while some Canadians are interested in the more notorious or legendary American cities, others move south for the amazing weather in Texas and Arizona, or the beaches in Florida.

Here are some lovely properties that Canadian home buyers could start to call home in the U.S.:

#3 Tropical Paradise Costa Rica Earns Spot as In-Demand Second-Home Location

Offering a wide array of outdoor adventures, Costa Rica is simply the epitome of fun, relaxation and zest for life. Whether they’re interested in historic landmarks, discovering the country’s bewildering wildlife or simply spending all their time at the beach, Canadian tourists as well as second home buyers will never get the chance to be bored here.

The three top destinations that Canadians prefer in this country are Tamarindo, Jaco and Nosara. Tamarindo known for its beaches as well as great surfing and other water sports and activities  is perfect for the active and adventurous types. The same goes for Jaco, which is known for its surf beaches and nightlife, as well as a gateway to national parks.

Alternatively, those who’d like to slow things down and get more in touch with nature and themselves should head over to Nosara. Popular mostly for its varied world-class yoga retreats and studios, this place will surely help those who move there to relax and adopt the Zen state of mind.

Curious what the average home price in Canada will buy you in these locations? Check out some of the best homes that money can buy in Costa Rica’s most-wanted cities:


To see specific figures for each of the 30 destinations included in the ranking, hover over the bars in the chart below:


To discover the most-searched destinations for Canadians who are looking to buy property in the Americas, we analyzed keywords related to real estate in combination with all of the countries and territories from the Americas. We used Ahrefs to extract the average number of searches per month, for the past 12 months. We then ranked these locations based on the number of searches for them.

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