How Content Can Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level


It has become increasingly hard for a real estate agent to stand out from the crowd. More and more people are joining the real estate game and business is more and more competitive every day. Whether you’re new on this battlefield and want to make a name for yourself or you’re just looking to improve your existing marketing efforts, differentiating yourself from the competition is definitely the way to go. How can you achieve that in today’s dynamic marketing world? Through content.

We had the pleasure of talking to Sarah Layton from about how content can take a real estate business to the next level. Sarah is a professional real estate writer and content marketing coach who empowers real estate professionals nationwide to leverage content into cash and closings. She takes a results-driven approach to creating real estate content for her clients and followers that she believes can be transformative.

Here are her insights and some useful tips and tricks:

Tell us about your job as a real estate writer. What do you love most about what you do?

Being a real estate writer is the realization of nearly every dream I have ever had for my life so I never think of it like a job. My days are split between writing, coaching my clients on content marketing, and operating my business, which is truly a media company. The best part of being a real estate writer, is that I get to use my writing and coaching to propel my clients to levels of success that they didn’t believe possible for themselves before hiring me.

How do you think real estate agent marketing has evolved in the last 5 years?

Real estate marketing has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. What terrifies me is that so many agents are oblivious to the reality of the shifts that have happened with the emergence of social media. Too many real estate agents are caught up in old-school methods like door knocking, direct mail, and billboards without realizing that social media is more powerful for marketing than all of those things combined, and then some. By the time many real estate agents catch up to what digital marketing is now, it will be too late. Those that are strategically investing in digital marketing will win.

What advice do you have for agents managing a real estate website?

Invest in your own independent agent website. If you execute your website and content strategy correctly, you will be able to sell your domain for six or seven figures when you retire, the way my clients do. That means you must own the domain and the website it is directed to, not your broker.

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In your opinion, how do blogging and social media add value to a real estate agent brand? What about creative content?

People connect with real estate brands based on the content that they produce and market. It is those connections to the content that spark the purchases. Social media is the most logical and powerful platform for distributing that content. Content creation and social media marketing go hand-in-hand because you can’t be successful in either without both.

How can real estate content generate leads?

When you create overwhelming amounts of content that is in the best interest of your ideal clients, they begin flocking to you. Real estate content is all about farming for leads rather than hunting for them. It also gives you the chance to position yourself as an expert and dominate in search engines. I write hyper-targeted, original content that generates real estate leads through SEO, as well as, making my clients look like the best real estate professionals in their market.

What are the most common marketing mistakes real estate agents make and how can they overcome them?

They try to be something to everyone. What I mean is they don’t do targeted marketing which is carefully choreographed to attract a specific buyer or seller audience. Instead they put out broad and boring messaging that makes them sound like everyone else and they fall through the cracks. It’s depressing how much money real estate agents waste on marketing this way. The best way to overcome this problem is to decide what your profitable niche market is, and then start creating content that solves their problems and helps them reach their goals.

Any last piece of advice for real estate professionals?

Stop being romantic about the way things used to be and start being realistic about the way things actually are. The way to win in the real estate game has changed completely and if you stay caught up in what worked in the past, you will be squeezed out of the game altogether. The clock is ticking and with every second you waste on outdated methods of marketing, your competition inches closer to crushing you.

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