15 Places to Advertise Your Website


15 places to advertise your website

Your real estate agent website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Are you using it to your full advantage?

Your Point2 Agent website markets you, your services and your listings to prospects around the clock, even when you are busy working, sleeping or on vacation. It is a place clients can go to learn more about the home selling and buying process, and where repeat clients come to find you again after what might be years in their current home.

To make sure you are optimally promoting your site, here are 15 free (or inexpensive) and easy places you should be advertising it:

1. Your business cards

As an agent, you could meet a potential client anywhere! Be ready with a stack of business cards that include your web address, email and phone number. Find more business card tips here.

2. Your digital business cards

Not carrying business cards? No problem. We have your tech savvy business card solution right here.

3. Giveaway pens

Make a bunch of pens with your website address on them. Take them (and leave them) everywhere. Give them to everyone you know.

4. Giveaway anything 

You don’t have to stop at pens! Here are 50+ giveaway ideas that you can pair with your contact information and url.

5. For sale signs

Don’t stop at just your phone number! Add your www.awesomeagent.com address. Bonus points if your website is mobile-friendly to capture drive-by buyers.

6. Single property websites

Single property websites are great marketing tools, but they only advertise one property. Be sure to link to your primary website so potential buyers can view your other listings.

7. Your Facebook page

Definitely include your website on your Facebook page. You should also make your cover photo and profile photo link to your website as well.

8. Your Twitter profile

You can add a link to your website in your Twitter profile. Here are some more social bio tips.

9. Your Pinterest profile

Pinterest is a wonderful place for agents to share information that will help prospects and clients know, like and trust you. Put your website in your profile AND be sure to pin a few images from your site as well.

10. Your Instagram profile

There is room to add one link in your Instagram profile, make it count!

11. Your LinkedIn profile

Whether you have a company page or a personal profile, there is a place to add your website. For company pages, it’s in the company overview. For individual profiles it’s in your contact information.

12. Your Google+ page

Google+ is a great place to connect with other agents and get referrals. Don’t forget to complete your information!

13. Guest content

Do you write a real estate blog for your website? Give your articles new life by sharing them with other bloggers, local publications and industry magazines. Include your domain in your byline.

14. Comments on blogs or forums

Share you knowledge on forums and add your thoughts to blog posts by home stagers, mortgage experts and more. You can usually link to your website so that other readers can learn more about you.

15. Print ads

Contrary to popular belief, print isn’t dead. When placing listing ads in your local paper or online classifieds, be sure to include your url. Read our 4 tips for great real estate ads to start getting better results today.

Next time you have a free morning or afternoon, spend an hour or two checking all the things on this list to make sure you are driving traffic to your website from multiple sources. You’ll be glad you did!

Where else do you advertise your website?

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