Funny Real Estate: Christmas Edition


The holidays are right around the corner, agents! For real estate, it’s a time of hustle and bustle, year-end figures and next year business planning.

So how about a little something to lighten the mood?

We’ve scoured the depths of the Internet to find an assortment of funny real estate comics and bad listing photos that celebrate the season. Put down those listing brochures, pour yourself an eggnog, sit back and prepare for a chuckle.

Listing Photos

bad listing photos christmas

Great news! This listing has a window. And a tall, skinny tree. Or a flagpole. Or maybe a lightning rod. And possibly not a roof.

bad listing photos christmas2

Whatever happened to sitting on Santa’s lap?

bad listing photos christmas

Does this bedroom have a closet? Maybe, maybe not. But does it have a creepy Santa doll? Most definitely.

bad listing photos christmas

Bare front patio? Just Photoshop in some presents!


funny xmas comic

funny real estate christmas

funny real estate christmas 2

(Apparently, gingerbread men are good prospects around this time of year.)

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