Selling Bat Cave Lofts, The Bates Condos and Other Film Properties


From time to time as I watch a movie real estate crosses my mind.  What if I could buy (or list) one of these properties?

While watching Crazy Heart this thought crossed my mind as I noticed Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character’s home.  From what I saw in the film, it appears to be a single-story Southwest Territorial style home (or perhaps modern Adobe).  Her home featured a large living room and ample kitchen with natural light.  French doors led to a lush garden and a relaxed sitting area.  From up north, here in frosty Canada any home in Santé Fe looks appealing.

I have always loved homes and architecture featured in films, these homes are dressed up with extra attention to detail.  Other inspiring properties that come to mind are the Brownstones featured in the Huxtables and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Royal Tenenbaum home or the mansion featured in the Godfather.

These properties have become iconic, influencing our choice of property and how we decorate our homes.  Although my apartment is modest in size I am trying to fill it with art and character, as inspired by the Royal Tenenbaums.

Back to real estate, I’ve dreamt of listing the Bat Cave or the Bates Motel.  Both properties have a rich history and could be revenue properties.  Perhaps rebranding the Bates Motel as The Bates, a luxury condo conversion located just off old Highway 10.  The Bat Cave could be converted into an artist’s studio or perhaps a gift shop and museum featuring Bruce Wayne’s collection of exotic cars and gadgets.

What film property do you find most inspirational?  If you could list any property featured in a film, what property would it be?

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