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Apartments for Rent in New Orleans, LA

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Renter’s City Guide to New Orleans, LA
Introducing New Orleans Expenses & Housing Stats Jobs & Education Lifestyle & Renting Tips

Overlooking the Mississippi River, New Orleans is famous for its jazz scene, laid-back, party lifestyle and Mardi Gras celebration. it is among the top 20 largest cities in the country and has an international reputation as a U.S. port, enjoying easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, which is situated about 100 miles south of the river. New Orleans also has a reputation for being one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s been named #1 in the country for its number of bars per capita, top travel destination for sports enthusiasts, and best city for single people.

Where is New Orleans located?

The city lies 80 miles from Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana, which is approximately a 90-minute drive along I-10. Atlanta can be reached in about 7 hours via mainly interstate roads, while Houston is a five-hour drive away (350 miles).

How big is New Orleans? 

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, followed by the capital city, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport. The city of Birmingham, Ala., has similar demographics. However, New Orleans has 1.5 times its population. 

What is the weather like in New Orleans? 

Due to its southern location, New Orleans has a subtropical, humid climate with short winters that don’t get much precipitation. It experiences average temperatures of 50°F. The summer months are wet and rainy, with average temperatures hovering around 83°F. Autumn sees less rain, and the mildest weather occurs in spring — just in time for the famous Mardi Gras celebration.


What are the advantages of living in New Orleans? 

Thanks to its long-standing reputation as a global cultural capital, New Orleans has been home to Spanish, French and African individuals, resulting in a multicultural cuisine, as well as diverse festivals and parades. The city is known as being the birthplace of jazz music and is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations, top-rated jazz clubs, varied restaurant scene, late night bars of the French Quarter and fun dance clubs on Bourbon Street.

What are the disadvantages of living in New Orleans? 

On the flip side, the abundance of tourists can be bothersome, and the humidity of late August and September makes the temperatures feel scorching hot. And, although tropical storms and hurricanes are unlikely to hit, the city has taken measures to improve the evacuation process just in case.

New Orleans Demographic Highlights
Total Population 383,974
Median Age 37.7

How much does a meal cost in New Orleans?

Eating in New Orleans is relatively cheap, with an average meal in an inexpensive restaurant costing around $16.50, while a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant has the average price of $60. 

How much do utilities cost in New Orleans? 

Monthly utilities for a 915-square-foot apartment cost $191.73, on average. 

How to get around New Orleans?

The Regional Transit Authority ensures public transportation in the city in the form of an interconnected network of large buses and charming streetcars covering all major parts of New Orleans, with one-way tickets costing as little as $1.25. Cab companies are also abundant in the city and taxis are easy to find. The average commute time in the city is 23.8 minutes, which is lower than the national average.

New Orleans Rent Statistics
Apartment Rent Ranges
$501 - $7003.05%
$701 - $1,00035.04%
$1,001 - $1,50027.81%
$1,501 - $2,00023.17%
> $200010.93%
Average Rent Trends
What is the average rent in New Orleans?

The average rent for an apartment in New Orleans is $1,357 per month.

What is the average apartment size in New Orleans?

The average apartment size in New Orleans is 896 sq. ft.

What is the rent for a studio apartment in New Orleans?

Rent for a studio apartment in New Orleans ranges between $1,200 and $7,920 per month.

What is the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New Orleans?

Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New Orleans ranges between $697 and $4,856 per month.

What is the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in New Orleans?

Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in New Orleans ranges between $730 and $13,162 per month.

What is the rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in New Orleans?

Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in New Orleans ranges between $825 and $3,810 per month.

New Orleans Housing Statistics
Occupied Housing Units 156,586
Owner occupied 48.04%
Renter occupied 51.96%

What are the major industries in New Orleans? 

Tourism is one of the largest components of the local economy, with nearly half of the city’s tax revenue originating from tourism-related industries, such as transportation services, convention events and hospitality. Logistics, shipping and commodities also make up a large bulk of New Orleans’ economy, thanks to its position as a key port city. Oil rigging also offers ample employment, due to the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Entergy — the Fortune 500 company that specializes in nuclear power plant operations and power generation — also has a base in the city.

New Orleans Employment Statistics
White Collar 150,852
Blue Collar 24,907
White Collar 85.83%
Blue Collar 14.17%
Self Employment 20,198
Private Companies 108,135
Governmental Workers 24,453
Not for Profit Companies 22,973
Self Employment 11.49%
Private Companies 61.52%
Governmental Workers 13.91%
Not for Profit Companies 13.07%

What are the top colleges in New Orleans? 

Tulane University, Loyola University New Orleans, the University of New Orleans and Xavier University of Louisiana — the only historically Black Catholic university in the country — are some of the top educational facilities in the city.

New Orleans Education Statistics
No High School3.21%
Some High School31.55%
Some College24.33%
Associate Degree4.73%
Bachelor Degree20.71%
Graduate Degree15.47%

What parks are there in New Orleans? 

New Orleans is home to gorgeous City Park — ranked among the 10 most-visited urban parks in the country — which houses the world’s largest collection of live oak trees, including the renowned Dueling Oaks. 

Where to shop in New Orleans? 

The Outlet Collection and Riverwalk are the most popular shopping areas in the city, featuring more than 70 brand-name stores. 

What family attractions are there in New Orleans?

The Superdome is one of the most popular venues in the city, hosting a number of prestigious concerts yearly and serving as home to the New Orleans Saints football team. Smoothie King Center is similarly popular for family-friendly events and hosts the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team. 

What cultural attractions are there in New Orleans?

Jackson Square is famous for its gorgeous architectural gems, featuring buildings influenced by Catholic, colonial and classical traditions. 

What events are there in New Orleans? 

Mardi Gras is the most famous event and is held in early March annually. It lasts about two weeks and features parades of costumed marchers. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is another prominent annual event, celebrating the origins of jazz music and culture.

New Orleans Household Statistics
Total Number of Households 156,586
Average People Per Household 2
Median Household Income$45,594
Average Household Income$76,715
No Children

What to know about renting in New Orleans?  

In New Orleans, the rental environment enables tenants to have less leverage than landlords. A 10-day notice by the landlord is enough to evict month-to-month renters, while violating lease conditions or failing to pay rent requires merely five days’ notice. Renters insurance is a necessity in New Orleans due to the city’s susceptibility to hurricanes and major storms. The lease may be terminated if a rented facility is damaged from weather-related events.