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Apartments for Rent in Miramar, FL

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Renter’s City Guide to Miramar, FL
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Founded in 1953, Miramar was originally designed by A. L. Mailman to serve as a ‘bedroom community’ for the nearby cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The first 56 concrete homes with flat roofs were sold quickly, and after the first 200 residents moved in, the city was incorporated on May 26, 1955. Since then, Miramar has seen steady growth, becoming a city in its own right.

What cities are close to Miramar?

Miramar is about a half-hour drive from several major cities in Broward County. Miami is just 21.5 miles away and Fort Lauderdale isn't too far away either, at only 21.6 miles up north. Fort Lauderdale is also where you’ll find the nearest airport to Miramar, the Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Getting to Jacksonville, 335.9 miles away, takes about 4 hours 47 minutes, or if you’re up for a longer drive, New York City awaits 1,269 miles to the north.

What is the weather like in Miramar?

The city of Miramar has a tropical climate. With 250 sunny days per year and around 55 inches of rain, it’s a great place for those looking to enjoy warm, sunny weather, provided you don’t forget about the hurricane season. The average summer highs often exceed 90°F in July and January averages hover around 58°F.


Is Miramar a good place to live?

One of Florida’s younger cities, Miramar has succeeded in receiving several prestigious awards in a relatively short amount of time. Some of the city’s accolades include the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) Award, as well as awards for its fiscal responsibility, such as the Gold Seal of Excellence Award and the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.

What are the pros of living in Miramar?

Miramar is a great city for those looking to enjoy living in a relaxed, suburban environment while also being close to the state's large metropolitan areas. It is a family-oriented city, with an average household size that is 3.3 higher than most Florida cities. Other perks include its cultural diversity, lively entertainment scene, as well as access to beaches and outdoor activities.

What are the cons of living in Miramar?

Like many cities in Florida that are close to the coast, Miramar is not exempt from the hurricane season, which starts in August through September.

Miramar Demographic Highlights
Total Population 134,306
Median Age 38.2

Is Miramar expensive to live in?

The cost of living in Miramar is around 19% more expensive than the national average. Housing brings this figure up, with house prices almost 50% higher than the rest of the U.S. on average. Meanwhile, groceries and transportation are closer to the national average, while the average cost of utilities per month is 1% lower than the national average.

How much is public transportation in Miramar?

A free local community bus service is provided by the City of Miramar, while Broward County Transit Connections provides routes outside of the city. However, the vast majority of residents rely on a private vehicle, with a gallon of gasoline averaging out at $2.56.

How much does a meal cost in Miramar?

You can expect to pay an average of $18 for a single meal in an inexpensive restaurant in Miramar. Meanwhile, a 3-course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will generally cost around $60. A regular coffee should be about $4.50.

How much are utilities in Miramar?

At around $130 per month, utilities are slightly lower than the national average. This is based on a 915 sq.ft apartment and includes heating, cooling, water, electricity and garbage disposal. For an internet connection, expect to pay around $60 per month.

Miramar Rent Statistics
Apartment Rent Ranges
$501 - $7000%
$701 - $1,0000%
$1,001 - $1,5000%
$1,501 - $2,0007.39%
> $200092.61%
Average Rent Trends
What is the average rent in Miramar?

The average rent for an apartment in Miramar is $2,668 per month.

What is the average apartment size in Miramar?

The average apartment size in Miramar is 1101 sq. ft.

What is the rent for a studio apartment in Miramar?

Rent for a studio apartment in Miramar ranges between $2,325 and $2,425 per month.

What is the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Miramar?

Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Miramar ranges between $1,011 and $4,039 per month.

What is the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Miramar?

Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Miramar ranges between $1,216 and $4,860 per month.

What is the rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Miramar?

Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Miramar ranges between $2,110 and $4,770 per month.

Miramar Housing Statistics
Occupied Housing Units 42,171
Owner occupied 69.92%
Renter occupied 30.08%

Is it hard to find work in Miramar?

With an unemployment rate of 3.2%, Miramar has dropped below the national average of around 3.9%. New job opportunities have led to this welcome decrease in recent years, with the local job market increasing by almost 2% in the last year alone.

What are the top employers in Miramar?

Some of the major employers in Miramar are Anchor PET Packaging, Alcatel-Lucent and Insight Global. The city's Memorial Hospital is another top employer, providing a wealth of jobs in a number of roles. While there are some large employers in the city, the majority of residents work for small, local businesses.

Miramar Employment Statistics
White Collar 60,374
Blue Collar 12,992
White Collar 82.29%
Blue Collar 17.71%
Self Employment 6,087
Private Companies 53,405
Governmental Workers 10,450
Not for Profit Companies 3,424
Self Employment 8.3%
Private Companies 72.79%
Governmental Workers 14.24%
Not for Profit Companies 4.67%

Does Miramar have good schools?

The Miramar Public School System in Broward County operates a number of public schools in Miramar. With an average expenditure of $10,135 per student each year, MPSS spends around $2,000 less than the U.S. average and has a student-teacher ratio of 16-1. For the most part, Miramar's public schools rank average, with some notable exceptions. Somerset Elementary, Sunset Lakes Elementary and Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School are all highly regarded.

What are the top colleges in Miramar?

There are several institutes of higher education that have campuses in Miramar, including: Southeastern University, City College Hollywood, Strayer’s, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and Universitario Ana G. Mendez. In addition, there’s also Concorde Career Institute Miramar.

Miramar Education Statistics
No High School3.42%
Some High School37.08%
Some College20.66%
Associate Degree10.81%
Bachelor Degree17.62%
Graduate Degree10.41%

What parks are there in Miramar?

Miramar is home to a number of fantastic parks that offer outdoor fun for the whole family. One of the most popular is Energetic Miramar Regional Park. With pools, a water park, sports facilities, a lake, walking paths and picnic areas, there's plenty to enjoy. Three other parks support this central complex: Fairway Park, Flamingo Estates Park and the Ansin Sports Complex. Alternatively, Pineland Park is full of great amenities to keep everyone entertained.

What sports teams play in Miramar?

No pro teams call Miramar home, although some of Florida's most iconic teams are just a stone's throw away in Miami. Within Miramar, you can find a number of senior and youth leagues in a variety of different sports, including baseball, football and basketball. There are also a wealth of clubs for martial arts, cheerleading, dance and even cricket.

What are the main annual events in Miramar?

Miramar hosts several local annual events, each aimed at celebrating the city and its community. Miramar Day is one of the most popular and is sure to draw a crowd. Music events are also extremely popular, with Concert at Shirley Park, Voice of Ages and the Valentine's Day Concert, to name a few. Finally, Global Fashion Unity is a fashion cabaret that explores the latest trends.

What cultural things are there to do in Miramar?

Culture vultures will love the Miramar Cultural Center (MCC), a powerhouse of dance, art, opera and other exhibitions that take place almost continuously. From live music and theater productions to modern art collections, there's always something going on. The MCC is also home to a stunning botanical garden, a quality banquet facility and an 800-seat theater. The Miramar Branch Library is a great place for everyone from kids to retirees to learn something new and is also a great conference center.

Where to go out in Miramar?

Miramar has some great bars and clubs to enjoy and meet with the locals. Some of the most popular include La Klave Night Club, Round Up Country Western Club and Passion Nightclub.

Where to eat in Miramar?

A wealth of restaurants in Miramar provide a stunning array of dishes from around the world. You’ll find classic Italian at Jordano’s Pizza and More, Japanese Teppanyaki at Beninhana, Thai treats and sushi at Silver Spoon Miramar and Mexican flair at Chili's Grill and Bar.

Miramar Household Statistics
Total Number of Households 42,171
Average People Per Household 3
Median Household Income$75,200
Average Household Income$97,586
No Children

What are the renter’s rights in Miramar?

Renters’ rights are fairly well protected in Miramar and all tenants have the right to privacy. Landlords are required to give at least 12-hours notice before entering the rental unit unless it’s an emergency. Additionally, landlords can only access rental units between 7:30 am and 8:00 pm.

What are the renter’s responsibilities in Miramar?

Miramar is a small, quiet town and tenants are expected to respect their neighbors. Renters are expected to be aware of and comply with health, housing and building codes for their area. Garbage must be removed in a timely manner and rental units kept clean and safe. Tenants are not allowed to make any alterations to their unit without consent from their landlord and local building authorities.