Point2 Homes Sees Highest Traffic Ever in 2015: Over 27.2 Million Visits


2015 was a great year for Point2 Homes! Our listings portal attracted a record traffic that exceeded 27.2 million visits over the last 12 months.

Home buyers, sellers and renters have browsed 152,332,516 pages on Point2 Homes in 2015 – 58% up from the previous year. This translates into roughly 18,000 (!!!) listings browsed every hour on our site.

Here are the highlights of the year:

New Records Infographic 2016

And what does this mean for you, the agent? Over 407,000 buyers and renters have contacted agents through the contact forms provided on the site. This is an impressive 66% increase in leads from the previous year, which speaks for the quality of the traffic.

We are also happy to say that we’re off to a great start to 2016! The first few days of 2016 have already brought us very close to daily all-time highs, in a period when the buying and renting season is far from its peak. We are expecting another very strong year with a predicted increase of at least 30% in traffic and leads.

If you are not a Point2 Agent yet, now is a great time to partner with us and grow your business in 2016.  Create a Point2 Agent account and add your listings on Point2 Homes. Then take advantage of our premium features and advertising options that allow you to increase your listings’ exposure on Point2 Homes.

As to our Point2 agents, thank you for being our loyal partners this past year. Here’s to a prosperous year for your business in 2016!

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