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Every month, millions of home seekers trust Point2 Homes to help them find their dream home and thousands of real estate agents make profitable connections with local buyers and sellers.

In this age of technology, where a wide‐spread online presence is imperative for any successful business, you can’t afford not to be where homebuyers are looking.

With new traffic records set every year and a 25% Y‐o‐Y traffic increase in 2017, Point2 Homes is on the fast track to becoming one of Canada’s top real estate search websites.

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With millions of visitors browsing the marketplace every month, Point2 Homes offers the perfect platform for big advertisers to deliver their message to a targeted audience of homebuyers, home sellers, renters or real estate investors.

Check out the Point2 Homes media kit to see audience statistics and demographics. For more detailed insights or to get a custom quote, contact us by email at or fill in the form and we'll get back to you.

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