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Renter’s City Guide to Seattle, WA
Introducing Seattle Expenses & Housing Stats Jobs & Education Lifestyle & Renting Tips

The city of Seattle is world-famous for its alternative grunge music scene and top quality coffee. With a hip urban center, plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures and a successful revitalization securing it as a hub of education, technology and business, Seattle is quite popular among millenials. 

How large is Seattle?

Seattle is by far the largest city in the state of Washington. It is also about the same size as Milwaukee and Cleveland in terms of population.

Where is Seattle located?

Seattle is a three-hour drive away from Portland and two-and-a-half hours away from Vancouver. 

What is the weather like in Seattle?

The autumn and spring months in Seattle are usually cloudy and wet. Summer months are dry and sunny, with bearable temperatures averaging 66 F, while winter is wet, cool, sees a lot of rainfall and boasts average temperatures of 47 F. 


What are the pros of living in Seattle? 

Seattle is known for its open-minded people who don’t shy away from expressing themselves through creative art forms like theater, music, painting and even glassblowing. It’s a major magnet for well-educated youngsters thanks to the abundance of available jobs, the buzzing nightlife and restaurant scene, as well as the hip social circles. The lack of income tax is an added bonus, and even though the sales tax is high, it does not apply to groceries and home purchases.

What are the cons of living in Seattle? 

The bad traffic conditions and the unfavorable weather are some of the downsides to living in Seattle. The high cost of living is another negative aspect, as you need to have quite a high-paying job to afford the expensive property taxes. 

Seattle Demographic Highlights
Total Population 726,054
Median Age 35.3

What is the best way to get around Seattle? 

Seattle boasts an extensive public transit system and features an average commute time of 28.4 minutes. The light rail line is one of the most sought-after ways of getting around the city. Bus fares cost $2.75, while children under the age of 6 accompanied by an adult are exempt from paying them. Alki Beach is served by a water taxi, and the Seattle Yellow Cab operates over 600 cars in the city.

How much does an average meal cost in Seattle?

An average meal for two in an inexpensive Seattle restaurant can cost around $80, while a cappuccino is $4.49 on average.

How much do utilities cost in Seattle?

Electricity, heating, cooling water and garbage will set you back $178.18 on average in Seattle.

Seattle Rent Statistics
Apartment Rent Ranges
$501 - $7000.31%
$701 - $1,0001.75%
$1,001 - $1,50011.67%
$1,501 - $2,00030.84%
> $200055.43%
Average Rent Trends
What is the average rent in Seattle?

The average rent for an apartment in Seattle is $2,233 per month.

What is the average apartment size in Seattle?

The average apartment size in Seattle is 691 sq. ft.

What is the rent for a studio apartment in Seattle?

Rent for a studio apartment in Seattle ranges between $1 and $9,173 per month.

What is the rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Seattle?

Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Seattle ranges between $741 and $11,966 per month.

What is the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Seattle?

Rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Seattle ranges between $845 and $16,868 per month.

What is the rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Seattle?

Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Seattle ranges between $1,582 and $22,000 per month.

Seattle Housing Statistics
Occupied Housing Units 337,361
Owner occupied 45.2%
Renter occupied 54.8%

Where to work in Seattle?

Seattle offers plenty of high-paying job opportunities in several industries, from business, technology and aerospace to manufacturing and internet services. Companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Costco, Microsoft and Nordstrom have their headquarters based in the city. 

Seattle Employment Statistics
White Collar 408,787
Blue Collar 37,806
White Collar 91.53%
Blue Collar 8.47%
Self Employment 43,340
Private Companies 295,594
Governmental Workers 57,035
Not for Profit Companies 50,624
Self Employment 9.7%
Private Companies 66.19%
Governmental Workers 12.77%
Not for Profit Companies 11.34%

What are the best universities in Seattle?

Seattle’s residents are highly educated, with over 54% of the population holding a bachelor’s degree at the minimum, which is the highest rate in the U.S. The University of Washington is among the best schools in the country as well as in the world, according to RENTCafé. Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, The Art Institute of Seattle, Cornish College of Arts and the Gage Academy of Arts are similarly prominent higher education institutions. The Seattle School District and the Renton School District include numerous public schools, which can also be great options for the family’s younger members.

Seattle Education Statistics
No High School2.28%
Some High School13.01%
Some College16.68%
Associate Degree6.14%
Bachelor Degree36.35%
Graduate Degree25.55%

What couple attractions are there in Seattle?

Besides visiting the emblematic Aquarium and Space Needle, couples should also include the Chihuly Gardens of Glass, Pike Place Market and the Experience Music Project Museum on their list of must-sees.  

What can families do in Seattle? 

The iconic Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, the Pacific Science Center and Woodland Park offer plenty of family fun for adults and children of all ages. 

Where is the best shopping in Seattle?

Pike Place Market is the top shopping destination in Seattle, followed closely by University Village and Fremont. 

What to do for free in Seattle? 

For those searching for fun things to do in Seattle for free, a visit to the Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle’s Art Museum, the Seattle Asian Museum and Gallery Walk are a must. 

What are the best outdoor activities in Seattle? 

Lincoln Park, Matthews Beach Park, Lakeridge Park, Carkeek Park, and Camp Long are some of the city’s best outdoor attractions.

What events is Seattle known for? 

With plenty of live music and art festivals on offer, Seattle is the perfect place to experience unique cultural events. The University District Street Fair, the Northwest Folklife Festival, Freemont Fair, Solstice Parade and the Bite of Seattle are just a few worth considering.

Seattle Household Statistics
Total Number of Households 337,361
Average People Per Household 2
Median Household Income$105,391
Average Household Income$144,955
No Children

What to know about renting in Seattle?

When terminating a year-to-year contract, landlords are required by law to give tenants a 30-day notice. A month-to-month agreement carries on until either the tenant or the landlord provides a written notice at least 20 days before the end of the rental period. 

How does renting in Seattle compare to Portland? 

The Washington State Residential Landlord-Tenant Act regulates local rental law in both Seattle and Portland but comes with some different key aspects. In Seattle, a month-to-month rental agreement can be terminated if the tenant or landlord provide a 30-day written notice. On the other hand, in Portland, tenants are asked to give a 90-day notice for no-cause evictions, and landlords are not required to provide a reason for their 90-day notice, although it must be a lawful one.