Point2’s Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Policy

Point2 is firmly dedicated to delivering equitable and fair services, ensuring an environment completely free of any form of unlawful discrimination. As such, all individuals and companies associated with Point2, including employees, customers and collaborators, are required to consistently adhere to Point2’s fair housing and equal opportunity policy. This policy aligns with federal, state and local fair housing legislation.

Point2 takes a strong stance against any violation of fair housing and equal opportunity practices and firmly prohibits discrimination in the provision of its services based on the following:

  • Personal identity, including race and color.
  • Demographics, such as age.
  • Nationality, citizenship and immigration status.
  • Personal beliefs, such as religion and creed.
  • Sex, gender identity/expression or sexual orientation.
  • Relationship status, as well as marital and familial status (including pregnancy or having children).
  • Physical and mental health: any sensory, mental or physical disabilities, recovery from substance abuse.
  • Military and service status, including honorably discharged veterans.
  • Source of income, be it unemployment insurance payments, social security or retirement programs, emergency assistance payments, income from federal, state and local housing assistance programs, housing choice vouchers, alimony, disability benefits, veteran’s benefits, etc.
  • Any other classes protected under state, federal and local laws.

Forbidden actions may include, but are not limited to the following practices, whether conducted openly or indirectly:

  • Refusing to provide services to a person pertaining to a protected class.
  • Promoting or tailoring services based on an individual’s membership or non-membership in a protected group.
  • Imposing distinct standards and biased treatment on individuals due to their belonging to a protected category.
  • Any statement, whether explicit or implicit, within advertising, marketing, property listings, etc., that displays discrimination or conveys a preference or restriction related to an individual’s affiliation with or non-affiliation with a protected group.
  • Participating in any arrangement to engage in discrimination on the grounds of a person’s protected class affiliation.
  • Harassment rooted in an individual’s association with a protected category.
  • Retaliating against an individual in response to their reporting of a discriminatory practice.
  • Refusing to list or arrange a viewing for a property in a specific location due to the presence or absence of individuals from protected classes in that area.
  • Falsely claiming a property’s availability for sale/rent/lease to a protected class member or withholding it based on their membership.
  • Offering inaccurate or incomplete property information to a person solely because they belong to a protected class.
  • Denying the showing or sale/rental/lease of a property to someone because of their protected class affiliation.
  • Directing individuals toward specific properties or neighborhoods based on their belonging to or not belonging to a protected class, or due to presumed preferences related to the presence or absence of certain protected classes.

Point2’s employees, customers and collaborators are prohibited from participating in any behavior that goes against this policy. In doing so, they may face disciplinary action, including the possibility of being denied access to the service or contract termination.