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Working in Boston? Here Are the Top 10 Commuter Towns You Should Consider

Working in Boston? Here Are the Top 10 Commuter Towns You Should Consider
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A recent study placed Boston in 14th place among the world’s most congested cities, ahead of Istanbul and just behind D.C. Commuters to Boston spend an estimated 60 hours per year behind the wheel, and those driving on I-93 southbound from Albany Street to Furnace Brook Parkway face some of the most grueling traffic jams in the region. The city has an aging mass transit infrastructure, and those traveling by train or bus also face growing commuting times.

Finding your ideal home at a reasonable price and within a manageable distance from your workplace can be a challenge. To this end, COMMERCIALCafé put together a list of the 10 most attractive towns for those working in Boston. We’ve compared commuting times, housing costs, schooling, and crime rates for several locations in the Greater Boston area. We emphasized the importance of shorter travelling times (40% of the total score) and home affordability (30% of the total). For the cities that made our list, commuting times were anywhere between 14 to 39 minutes, with an average of 27 minutes.

Melrose: Your Best Bet

Melrose heads the list with a total of 79 points. The city received 35 points for its average 23-minute ride into Boston, the fourth best commute time in the top 10.

Massachusetts is one of the safest places in the U.S., and Melrose is the 20th safest city in The Bay State, which means an additional 12.4 points awarded for its lower than average crime rates.

Melrose gets another 10.4 points for being a great place to raise a family. With an average 6.7 Greatschools.com rating, parents who regard schooling opportunities as a crucial criteria in choosing a new place to live can confidently choose Melrose as their new home.

The 5-year home price average is $463,300, making the town roughly 39% more affordable than Belmont, number two on our list. More great news is that Melrose is part of a group of 15 Boston-area communities committed to deliver 185,000 new affordable units in the next decade, anticipating growing demand for housing for low and middle-income residents.

Malden: Most Affordable Housing

Despite modest performance across safety and education indicators, Malden is number one in terms of best housing values. The city that brought the world the iconic Converse sportswear garnered 68 points, boasting great housing costs as well as the second-best commute time on our list. It takes 19 minutes on average to get from Malden to Boston, only five minutes more than Medford, the city with the shortest commute time.

For more details about our findings and a breakdown of the study’s methodology visit the COMMERCIALCafé blog.

This article was provided by Diana Sabau, writer for the COMMERCIALCafé blog. Diana covers CRE investment, job market trends and tech. Her work has been featured in GlobeSt, The Real Deal, NAIOP, MSN and Bisnow.

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