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WeWork Workplace, a Yardi and WeWork Partnership, to Revolutionize the New World of Work

WeWork, the leading global flexible space provider, has launched WeWork Workplace, a new software solution to help companies navigate hybrid work challenges.

by Felicity Domentii
2 min. read

WeWork Workplace, the new space management software, built in partnership with Yardi, helps employers track inventory, improve employee interactions and optimize office space through insights and analytics. 

The way people think about the workplace has shifted due to remote and hybrid work models. WeWork Workplace is here to facilitate the transition to this new reality. In a nutshell, the software helps employers create strategic work models at reasonable prices, and employees feel more comfortable engaging at the workplace. WeWork Workplace is unique on the market since it combines all space types (privately leased/owned, WeWork locations and WeWork affiliates) within a single experience. The app provides companies with access to overflow space for their employees when they need it, through the global WeWork and WeWork affiliated locations. 

The importance of this partnership has been underlined by Scott Morey, WeWork’s President of Technology & Innovation: “Combining our advantages in scale, speed and access to flexible spaces with Yardi’s industry-leading software and tech capabilities, WeWork Workplace doesn’t stop at desk booking or backend insights – it aims to solve for a dynamic, constantly evolving future of work.” 


What WeWork Workplace has to offer: 

  • An upgraded office experience for employees everywhere by providing floor maps, team booking capabilities, overflow booking automation, visitor management, company announcements and calendar integration. 
  • Effective management and optimization of all spaces, regardless of asset type or geographic location. As a result, managers are encouraged to implement office space strategies centered on utilization by creating user groups and spatial zones. 
  • Access to relevant and accurate data, including booking/occupancy trends and building levels, all regarding different property types. This will help managers develop future office space strategies and make well-informed decisions. 

WeWork Workplace is an all-encompassing tool that combines WeWork’s experience in the flexible office space sector with Yardi’s industry-leading software and tech capabilities. It is meant to improve any office space strategy and to help companies adapt to the increasingly flexible world of work.  

To find out more about how to enable a hybrid strategy for your workforce, visit https://www.wework.com/solutions/wework-workplace to sign up for a live demo.  

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