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How to Stage Your Home for a Sale

How to Stage Your Home for a Sale
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A well-staged home will demand the attention of potential buyers as they search online, and it will spark their imagination as they wander the rooms. Professionals can be hired to do a great job, but there are many things you can do by yourself if you’ve decided to sell your house and find a new one. Follow the steps below and make your home irresistible!

Remove the Clutter

While home is where the heart is, there’s a chance you’ve accumulated your fair share of clutter over the years. This is the last thing a potential buyer will want to see, so it’s important to give your home a shake up and remove any unnecessary junk. This can be a great chance to sell items you no longer need or give them to charity. Anything you wish to keep can be kept in storage or with friends or family.

Ensure all surfaces are clear, cupboards are tidied out and organized, and your rooms have as much free space as possible. Pay attention to shelves as well and remove anything you don’t need, ensuring everything that remains looks neat.

Don’t Get Personal

While you’re decluttering, you should also remove any personal items. Staging your home for a sale is the time to start depersonalizing your home and breaking the attachment you have to it. Remove family photos, clothes and anything else that stands out as yours. This step is important, as a potential buyer is more likely to imagine your house as their home when you remove the photos of your loved ones.

Your pets can also be relocated during the staging process to ensure the home remains clean and doesn’t smell. This is especially important when arranging viewings. And if you want to sell your home fast, this step will really make a difference.

Freshen Up

With the clutter gone, you can now start a deep clean. Scrub all those stubborn stains away, steam clean the carpets and polish any surfaces – including wooden floors. A fresh lick of paint is a good idea, especially if your home currently features bold colors. A neutral palette is best, working with whites, creams and lighter colors.

New bedding and towels are a worthwhile investment and any old furniture should be repaired, upholstered or replaced. Additionally, fresh curtains and drapes can breathe new life to your windows. Make sure they let plenty of light in and try to avoid net curtains, which can appear prohibitive.

Reshuffle Your Space

During the decorating and cleaning stage, you can really play with the space you have. Rearrange furniture and try to make the most of each and every room. The idea is to make each room appear as big as possible, while still looking inviting and comfortable. Try to remove or relocate any furniture that makes a room look cramped or cluttered. Mirrors can help enlarge your rooms, as well as flood your home with light.

Repair and Tweak

It’s not quite enough to have your home just looking great, it’s got to feel fantastic too. This is the time to really fix the problems that you’ve been living with all these years. Oil squeaky hinges, replace dirty or broken ironmongery and fixtures and ensure all your light bulbs work.

Also, try to get your floor in top shape. Besides giving it a good clean and polish, make sure that any loose or squeaky floorboards are addressed before visitors start calling. Skirting boards and other decorative elements should be well fixed and looking as good as new.

Spark the Imagination

With your house clean, uncluttered and depersonalized, you may feel it seems a little cold. Now it’s time to make it look lived in, inviting and appealing. These little touches will encourage buyers to imagine the possibilities of your home and what it’d be like to live there.

Any awkward places should be utilized, showing that no space need go to waste – transform the area under the stairs into a kid’s study area, for example. Add decorative features to your empty surfaces: vases and fresh flowers are a nice touch, while a few interesting books can make a coffee table homelier. For visits, ensure the house smells great and keep all doors open.

Create Curb Appeal

You may think you have the most beautiful home in the world, but if your curb appeal doesn’t do it for buyers, it may just be passed by. As the front lawn is the first sight buyers will get of your home, it’s well worth taking the time to tidy it and get it looking fantastic. Keep the grass short, add potted plants and flowers and ensure your driveway is in good repair.

Now all that’s left to do is to take some stunning photos that really show off your home. These can be posted online to grab the attention of buyers. When they come to visit, ensure they see the full potential your home offers by gently guiding their senses with thoughtful finishing touches.

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