Valentine’s Day Special: Romantic Bedrooms

Valentine’s Day Special: Romantic Bedrooms

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Every Valentine’s Day, thousands of couples go above and beyond to find the most romantic location to spend some quality time together. But with restaurants being booked a week in advance, and movie theaters packed with sweethearts, most of them end up spending a quiet night at home. After all, what’s more romantic than spending a lovely evening with your significant other in the comfort of your own bedroom?

We’ve looked at a number of homes for sale in the US and Canada and found some amazing bedrooms that you’ll probably love year-round, not just on Valentine’s Day. They come in all styles and sizes so go ahead and tell us which is your favorite from the list below.

The “American Dream” Bedroom

Florida home for sale6955 Verde Way, Pelican Bay, Florida

Manhattan home for sale400 East 51st Street #8, Manhattan New York

Valentine's bedroom

1950 Galleon Drive, Naples Florida

The “Oh, Canada!” Bedroom

Ontario home for sale5233 Jordan Lane, Whistler, British Columbia

Toronto condo for sale

183 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Hamilton, CA home for sale45 Lakeview Drive, Hamilton, Ontario

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