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How to Use Shipping Pallets to Make Your Home More Beautiful

How to Use Shipping Pallets to Make Your Home More Beautiful
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Shipping pallets have slowly but surely been making their way into the hearts and homes of thousands of homeowners in recent years. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they’re often free to pick up, and can prove their worth in a myriad of cheap and cheerful home decor projects. 

From beds and couches, to floors and fences, shipping pallets offer countless possibilities. They can be painted or stained to suit your home, or left in their raw state for a more rustic look. So, how can you use shipping pallets to make your home more beautiful?

Pallet Floors and Decking

If you dream of a hardwood floor, but have nightmares about the price, shipping pallets may offer the solution you’ve been looking for. A pallet floor can still be a rather tricky and time-consuming DIY project, but the results can be absolutely stunning.

By selecting a wide variety of pallets, you’ll end up with a selection of different colors and grain patterns, resulting in a beautiful floor that can be stained and polished to a wonderful finish. You’ll need to sand and possibly plane each plank to form consistently smooth boards but, once prepared, the planks can be laid in the same way as normal flooring. Be sure to clean the wood with mineral spirits before applying the finish.

Pallet Furniture

From the bedroom to the kitchen, pallets can be transformed into attractive furniture to suit any room in your home. Popular projects for those new to pallet DIY include coffee tables – which can be topped with glass – and computer desks. Both are relatively easy to put together and there are a number of different designs to choose from.

Larger pieces include pallet beds, which are surprisingly easy to construct and, again, come in many varieties, with popular features including spacious storage drawers and attractive headboards. Sofas and chairs can be made from two or three pallets and adjusted to suit your style and the amount of space you have available. Upholstered with the materials of your choice, you have full control of your furniture.

Pallet Walls

Want a feature wall with a difference? Like a pallet floor, you can choose a variety of boards to offer a range of different finishes. Unlike a floor, however, you don’t need to worry so much about each board being the exact same thickness, making this is an easier project to tackle.

It’s worth painting the wall behind a dark color beforehand, to make any gaps in the planks less noticeable. The planks can then be laid vertically, horizontally or even diagonally for a really special finish. Fix them in place either with glue or nails, depending on the type of wall they’re attached to.

Pallet Decor

Besides furniture and storage, you can use your pallets for less practical, more visual projects. There are many design trends you can try, but shipping pallets are so versatile they will instantly change the look and feel of an entire room. One simple idea is a decorative plate rack, which can be made from a whole pallet with a couple of additions. A half pallet can be transformed into a fantastic wine rack, or try a more complicated design that incorporates wine glass holders.

Even easier to create are simple yet stunning picture frames, crafted from 3 pallet planks and held together by 2 strips of pallet wood. You can make them any size you wish and paint or stain them, or simply leave them in their raw state depending on the effect you’re after. They’re ideal for applying digital prints to and are easily put up on walls or set on surfaces throughout the home.

Pallet Storage Solutions

The way pallets are designed makes them perfect for shelving purposes and bookcases. Painted or left natural, the finish depends on your space and your taste. These storage solutions can be used across the home, from bathroom cabinets to nifty tool organizers in the garage.

Hung on the wall, whole pallets can be used to store anything from spice jars to bicycles. Alternatively, they can be broken down to create a wide array of floating shelving units, storage chests or cabinets.

Pallets in the Garden

Pallets also come into their own in the garden and can be used to create outdoor tables, chairs and loungers, as well as simple potting benches. Need a fence? Pallets are ideal and can be stripped down to make a traditional fence, or left more or less whole to create something with a more “impromptu” look. Gates can be added in the same way.

Vertical gardens are easily made from whole pallets, for those short on space, or you could break down a single pallet and transform it into a beautiful planter. For something really different, why not build an outdoor bar and grill, or even a wood cabin?

If it can be made out of wood, it can generally be made out of pallets! Whether you strip them down to repurpose the planks, or leave them intact to highlight their origins, pallets are a wonderful, cheap and available material that can be used to great effect throughout the home!

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