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Top-10 Most Expensive Home Sales in the Hamptons in 2012

Top-10 Most Expensive Home Sales in the Hamptons in 2012
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Not a dollar below $20 million, but not going above $30 million either. This is the price range for the most expensive Hamptons homes sold in 2012.

This past year’s activity seems to have been the strongest over the last 3 years, as both 2011 and 2010 have seen several transactions closing for less than $20 million.

Let’s take a closer look at the mansions that are in the top 3 positions:

#1 322 Meadow Lane, Southampton

Sold for: $28.5 million

Sold on: 02/17/2012

The story: After several years of being on and off the market, this 12,636 sqft oceanfront home, formerly owned by billionaire Marc Rowan, found a buyer in Carlos Alejandro Pérez Dávila, a managing director of investment advisory firm Quadrant Capital Advisors,  The Real Deal informs us.

When he first bought the house in 2005, Rowan put down a bit more than half the price it sold for this year–$16 million. Meanwhile, the property’s charm, created in part by the spectacular oceanfront views and the floating staircase, has certainly increased in value.

#2 174 Further Lane, East Hampton

Sold for: $28 million

Sold on: 03/23/2012

The story: Although both the buyer’s and the seller’s names remain undisclosed, what is known about the property is that it had been bought for $9.85 million in 2004 and then was listed in 2011 at a much higher price–a hefty $38 million. The 7-bedroom home is part of a 3.5-acre estate and has had serious renovations, the above-cited article in The Real Deal reveals.

#3 43 Surfside Drive, Southampton

Sold for: $27.25 million

Sold on: 04/03/2012

The story: The third most expensive home sold in the Hamptons went on and off the market in just 3 weeks. This is another oceanfront property that saw its value double in approximately 5 years. The former owners bought the estate in 2005 for $13.5 million and then sold it for a bit more than $27 million to an anonymous LLC.

October sees 3 big sales closing off

Once the first three quarters of the year had gone by, real estate agents were expecting the activity to slow down. But it didn’t. October brought in other 3 big sales which closed off the year on a really nice note.

Here is where October sales in the Hamptons appear in our top 10:

#5 58 Highway Behind The Pond, East Hampton sold for $25 million.

#8 260 Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton sold for $23.15 million, shows an article in Curbed.

#10. 54 Hwy Behind the Pond, East Hampton sold for $20 million.

For the complete list of the most expensive home sales in the Hamptons (top10), see below:

Property address Sale price Sale date
322 Meadow Lane, Southampton $28,500,000 02/17/2012
174 Further Lane, East Hampton $28,000,000 03/23/2012
43 Surfside Drive, Southampton $27,253,000 04/03/2012
30 Lee Avenue, East Hampton $25,750,000 04/05/2012
58 Hwy-Behind-the-Pond, East Hampton $25,000,000 10/11/2012
9 Five Rod Hwy, Wainscott $25,000,000 (via Curbed; $6.413,000 via Point2Homes) 07/18/2012
171 Great Plains Road, Southampton $24,000,000 04/05/2012
260 Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton $23,150,000 (via Curbed) 10/03/2012
6 Gracie Lane, East Hampton $20,000,000 02/17/2012
54 Hwy Behind-the-Pond, East Hampton $20,000,000 10/11/2012

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