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New Traffic Record on Point2 Homes, Over 8 Million Visits in April 2019

New Traffic Record on Point2 Homes, Over 8 Million Visits in April 2019
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Point2 Homes continues to grow in popularity among homebuyers around the world, breaking previous traffic records. The 8.1 million visits registered in April 2019 are a testimony to the portal’s success and the value it offers for homebuyers and agents.

New users represent 46% of the total number of visitors on the website, and most of them land on Point2 Homes from a Google search. With top rankings for real estate related search such as “homes for sale in Toronto”, it’s easy to see why 80% of the portal’s traffic is organic. This is a 57% improvement compared to the same month last year.

Canada Brings Most of the Traffic and the U.S. Follows Suit

April numbers show that 60% of the portal’s traffic came from Canadian visitors. This represents a 35% Y-o-Y (Year-over-Year) traffic increase.

Toronto, ON was the most-appealing real estate market, with a 65% Y-o-Y traffic increase and 645,000 visits. Ottawa, ON was next in line with 232,000 visits. Winnipeg, MB also surprised with a 52% Y-o-Y traffic hike.

On the other hand, traffic generated by U.S. visitors saw a 61% boost versus last year. New Yorkers were among the most active home seekers, bringing the most visits after a 31% traffic increase Y-o-Y. Looking at the national level, the highest traffic hikes were registered in Atlanta, GA (94%) and Dallas, TX (64%).

At the same time, Point2 Homes remained a popular marketplace for house hunters from Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Agents and Brokers Have More Reasons to Join Point2 Homes Now

This growth has proven to be lucrative for the real estate agents who use Point2 Homes to promote their listings. Compared to the same month of last year, the portal generated 23% more leads thanks to its ever-growing exposure.

Any real estate professional can now add their listings on Point2 Homes, and by taking advantage of the high-impact advertising options, they can easily leverage the portal’s huge traffic to reach more buyers and sellers.  

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