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9 Tips to Create the Best Guest Room

9 Tips to Create the Best Guest Room
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Having friends, family, or even paying guests over for a few days can be a lot of fun, and provides a great opportunity to show off your hosting prowess. The guest room is a key component and when it’s prepared well, it’s the foundation for a great guest experience. So, check out these 9 tips.

Invest in a Quality Mattress

The way to any guest’s heart is providing them with a relaxing stay, and a good night’s sleep lays the foundation for that. Always go for a double one, even if you only have one person staying over, and avoid putting two single mattresses together: the gap between them is instantly noticeable, and can make sleeping on it awkward.

Go for Simple but Tasteful Décor

As tempting as it is to wow your guests with your taste in home décor, it’s best to keep things simple. Pick a neutral color scheme with a few small but tasteful decorations. If you can, make sure to include a mirror as well. Provide your guests with something to sit on other than the bed, such as an armchair, and make sure that the room also has a bedside lamp.

Provide Space and Privacy

It is important to make guests feel like home, which is why your guest room should provide them with privacy, and space for themselves. Make sure that the windows have drapes or blinds, which also helps your guests control how much light goes in the room. Ideally, your guest room should be located in a part of the house that doesn’t get too much traffic, to reduce the amount of noise from other people in the house, as well as ensuring that your guests don’t have to tiptoe their entire stay.

Keep the Wardrobe Empty

The perfect guest room should have at least one option for storage, preferably a wardrobe, where they can keep their belongings throughout their visit. If your guest room doesn’t get regular use, make sure to check it before their stay, and remove any of your items that might have been stored there. The only things you should leave in a guest bedroom wardrobe are coat hangers, an iron and ironing board, spare towels, and maybe some slippers.

Have Extra Pillows and Blankets Ready

A room that feels warm enough for you might feel a bit chilly to others. Your guests might not want to bother you at night asking for a spare blanket, so make sure to have one ready for them. You can even lay it at the end of the bed as a decorative piece. Also, a couple of extra pillows won’t hurt.

Prepare Towels and Toiletries

It’s unlikely that your guests will travel with a bottle of shampoo and shower gel, so make sure that you provide them with any toiletries they might need. You can even go the extra mile and include a toothbrush and disposable razor. Be generous with your towels, and make sure to provide at least one towel for the face and hands, and a larger one for the body. If your bathroom doesn’t have a shower mat, leave an extra towel for the guests to use as one. Adding a hairdryer to the mix will also earn you extra hosting points.

Create a Guest Tray

There are some essential items that should be included by default, such as the Wi-Fi password, a set of keys and, depending on how big the tray is, you can also use it for toiletries. As a host, a guest tray is an excellent way to leave your personal touch on the room. Consider adding a welcome note and maybe some treats such as biscuits or chocolate.

Bathroom Access Is Essential

Ideally, your guest room should have its own bathroom and shower, close to the bedroom itself. If your guest room doesn’t have its own separate bathroom, providing easy access to one is one of the key elements of a pleasant stay. This is especially important if you also live in the house. Your guests shouldn’t have to walk through the entire house in a bathrobe after a shower, or constantly check if there’s a queue. Making sure that the bathroom has a lock on the door goes without saying.

Take It for a Test Drive

The only way to make sure you have created the best guest room is to test it yourself. Spend a day pretending you’re visiting, and look for any improvements or amenities you might want to be offered. And yes, you can even help yourself to the treats in the guest tray.

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