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8 Amazing Ways to Brighten Your Home During Winter

8 Amazing Ways to Brighten Your Home During Winter
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With winter coming and the days getting shorter, you might find your home becoming dark and gloomy. It doesn’t have to be like that though. Winter can be warm and cozy. Want to know how? Check out these 8 tips!

Remove Mesh and Solar Screens

One of the best ways to brighten your home in winter is to use as much of the available natural light as possible. And, given the fact that there are no flies or mosquitoes around to bug you, now is a good time to remove mesh screens from your windows. The same applies to solar screens which, like mesh screens, make your home darker. While you’re at it, make sure to give the windows a clean as well — you will see the results instantly!

Go for Light Curtains

Speaking of window treatments, the right curtains can also be used to make your home brighter. If you have dark curtains, you can swap them for brighter colored ones, going for pastel colors, or even plain white. Drapes are a great way to add another layer of insulation to your home, so don’t ditch them just yet. Instead, go for something on the lighter end of the palette.

Use Light Slipcovers and Carpets

Like curtains and drapes, the color of your furniture and the flooring can also impact how bright your home looks in winter. Of course, changing your sofa to match the season is somewhat unfeasible, but using a brightly colored slipcover also does the trick. In fact, you can even use a white or pastel colored blanket to achieve the same effect, while also increasing the coziness of the room. Don’t forget about carpets: light colors will once again help brighten your room, on top of giving the illusion of space.

Swap Your Light Bulbs

With winter on your doorstep, you’ll find yourself switching the lights on earlier each day, so using the right light bulbs matters. Many homes use ones that have a yellow glow, and while they do make your home feel warmer, they are also darker than light bulbs that come in cooler tones. If you want to keep the cozy feel as well as brightening your home, consider swapping them for light bulbs that are between 2700K and 3000K. You can also go for ‘full spectrum’ CFL lights, which are better at emulating natural light.

Light Some Candles

Sometimes, embracing the darkness that comes with the winter nights might just work out for the best, especially if you’re going for a hygge atmosphere. This is where candles come into play, creating a soft light on top of making your home feel warm and cozy. Using scented candles will further add to that feeling, or, if you have respiratory problems or want to eliminate fire risks, feel free to use battery powered ones instead.

Bring out the String Lights

Don’t wait until Christmas to deck your halls with lots of string lights. Just like candles, they can brighten up your home, while also adding a touch of cozy, festive feel to your décor. String lights are remarkably versatile, and they come in a wide array of shapes, length and color, suitable for any room. Not only that, but they’re also easy to put up, and you can use them to highlight any part of your home. They look stunning when hung along ceilings or curtain poles, or even just along windowsills or shelves. You can even use a string of small, battery powered lights placed in a jar as a night light.

Reflect the Light Using Mirrors

Both practical and gorgeous, mirrors are a timeless piece of home décor. Not only do they make a room look spacious, but they will also make it brighter by reflecting any existing light. Mirrors work wonderfully especially if you have a room with a blank wall, and you need some inspiration for wall art decorations. As with paintings, make sure that the frame of your mirrors also matches the colors and overall theme of the room

Create a Summer Oasis with Houseplants

Nothing can lift your spirits amidst all the snow and gloomy weather quite like seeing a bit of greenery. Houseplants can brighten your home in any season, but they have a much greater impact in winter. Tropical plants such as miniature palms, Monstera or Philodendron will definitely give your home a summer vibe, or you can go for flowering plants such as African violets, begonias or azaleas for a spring look. In fact, some houseplants bloom in winter, such as cyclamens, Christmas cactus or poinsettias, making them perfect for whisking those winter blues away.

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