10 Jaw-Dropping Home Designs from Around the World

by Point2 Staff
4 min. read

These homes found in all corners of the world prove just how striking and unique residential architecture can be, drawing inspiration from people, landscapes and shapes. They showcase some ingenious use of space and details that help set them apart from the average home. Check out these impressive examples of out-of-the-ordinary house designs from around the globe!

1. Stacked Home in Australia

This beautiful and unique-looking home offers the perfect solution for a narrow lot – a stacked design! The various stacked levels are linked but also provide private spaces for a comfortable multigenerational living arrangement. A large vertical atrium in the center offers an abundance of natural light throughout. What’s more, the ten stacked boxes, clad in zinc, are set back at different intervals to create an eye-catching exterior.

2. Pentahouse in Poland

Taking inspiration from the jagged peaks of mountains, this home design concept is a series of concrete pentagons with interesting slanted walls that create a totally unexpected shape, complete with pentagon-shaped windows. Inside the home, the roof allows for impressive vaulted ceilings and the large windows provide plenty of natural light and opportunities to view the surrounding landscape.

3. House in the Landscape in Russia

The idea behind this stunning home was to blur the lines between exterior and interior. The home’s organic sweeping, rounded shapes blend naturally into the surrounding landscape, and large windows help link the outside world with the home’s interior. To further highlight the indoor/outdoor design, the home’s roof has a garden with woody and herbaceous plants. Skylights throughout the home bring in lots of natural light, and circles are used everywhere to continue the organic look.

4. Reversible Destiny Lofts in Japan

This inspiring collective housing project was developed with the physical body and the physical environment in mind. Dedicated to American author and activist Helen Keller, the lofts offer a combination of exciting textures, bold colors and surprising uses of space to create a unique experience for anyone who lives, works or visits here. The idea is to challenge and excite the senses while exploring how we interact with the world around us.

5. 18.36.54 House in the United States

Making excellent use of incredible angles and structural design, this Connecticut home certainly stands out amongst the 54-acre meadow surrounding it. The design is like a folding ribbon structure that includes 18 planes, 36 points and 54 lines, and is covered on the exterior by gorgeous reflective copper panels. The warm wood elements used throughout the home are highlighted by the incoming natural light from the large windows. The awe-inspiring angles seen on the exterior are reflected throughout the interior of the house.

6. House-Shaped House in Portugal

A cheeky ode to the classic representation of a house – with peaked roof and straight lines – this home is a beautifully simplistic structure with many interesting details. Black concrete panels contrast against the series of wood frames that make up the home’s front, which features an attractive porch area. A sizeable paneled window lets tons of natural light spill into the rest of the space, which is open and modern.

7. Olwen House in Vietnam

Making the best use of a narrow lot, this home is built upward to create a lovely multifunctional environment. The first two floors of the house are dedicated to workspaces, while the third floor is a gathering space for the whole family. Private lofts are located above. The home was built using local materials such as brick, roofing tiles and wood, and a cool-looking external staircase provides an outdoor connection to the separate spaces.

8. Bubble Palace in France

This futuristic-looking home is definitely a standout example of architecture that is designed to be noticed. Made up of many interconnected ‘bubbles,’ the home includes ten bedrooms decorated by contemporary artists, a 500-seat outdoor auditorium and impressive gardens and water features. Large round windows throughout the home provide great views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. The unique circular theme is continued throughout the home’s many rooms and seating areas.

9. Crown House in Poland

The Crown House is a conceptual home design that, not surprisingly, looks much like a crown. The home’s multiple peaks create an interesting look from every angle and the minimal use of windows adds an eco-friendly aspect that helps prevent energy loss. There are two levels to the home – the ground floor includes the kitchen/living room/dining spaces and the upper level has three bedrooms and three baths. Sharp contrasts created by the home’s dark and light features make it even more interesting to look at.

10. Glassbook House in Australia

Pulling inspiration from places like Tokyo and Paris for its cool design, this home takes natural lighting to a whole new level with walls of glass blocks that make the narrow space feel open and inviting. The home’s traditional features were blended with modern updates, including many bookshelves that create a ‘wall’ of books when filled. The updated interior is simple and sophisticated, mimicking the home’s intriguing yet calming exterior.

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