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How to Get More Leads with These 3 New Advertising Solutions!

How to Get More Leads with These 3 New Advertising Solutions!
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We’re happy to present a marketing vision that each real estate professional should hear because marketing your listings and services is a crucial part of your success. 

During this webinar, we explained how you can leverage the Point2 Homes consumer traffic to your advantage, how to get more visibility for your properties and of course how to get more leads and close more sales.

If you want to earn more commissions, focus on selling faster and advertise where it matters. Advertise where prospects are looking and catch their eye.

The Gold Ad

Let’s start with a powerful option that bumps up your listings in search results – the Gold Listing Ad. If you have more listings and you want them at the top of searches, these ads are the right ones for you.

They give you more space on the page and most importantly they show up at the top of the search results. It’s more effective than any form of advertising we’ve offered so far and it’s very reasonably priced at just $49.99/month per listing for non-members. If you already have a Point2 subscription, you can purchase the Gold Listing Ad option at a discount, meaning you can get it for $39.99/month/listing.

The Top Spot Listing Ad

If you browsed Point2 Homes lately, you probably noticed a gorgeous-looking listing ad at the top of some pages. This is the Top Spot Listing Ad. This listing ad is the first one visitors see when they get on Point2 Homes after a Google search. The listing is nicely highlighted, it even has the agent’s profile on display, and it stands out like no other listing. This ad gets the most visibility and the most leads in your city.

We only put out one such ad per city and the pricing differs based on the demand in the area. That means that there is only one listing advertised like this at any given time. See, we promised to show you how to dominate your local market! And this is it – your listing for 30 days at the top of your city’s search page.

So, if you have a listing that has not sold in a long time, or you have one that you want to get rid of quickly, this type of ad gives you the best chance to do just that – move that listing and close that sale. Your sellers will be impressed too. Imagine showing them that what you did for their property is place it at the top of searches on a portal that ranks very high in Google searches!

The Featured Agent Ad

Drive in more business and be the local real estate expert with the Featured Agent Ad. Advertise your profile in your city or neighbourhood for just $29.99/month for non-Point2 members. Subscribers can purchase the Featured Agent Ad at a discount.

Using a combination of all these ads can be even more efficient as your profile and listings will show up in more places and they will be seen by more homebuyers across the platform. Our advertising specialists are available to discuss package deals if you have more listings that you want to advertise. Give them a call and they’ll crunch the numbers and come up with a good package deal for you.

You can reach our advertising specialists by email at advertising@point2homes.com or by phone at 1-888-277-9779 if you are calling from Canada or the US, or at 1-306-955-1855 if you are calling from other international locations.

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