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Are You Using our Save Search Feature? Here’s Why You Should!

Are You Using our Save Search Feature? Here’s Why You Should!
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When searching for a home, the story usually goes like this: you (kind of) know your criteria, you type it in, you check the results and … your dream home doesn’t really show up among the results. Okay, no worries, you still have time. A few days later, you try again. The same criteria. The home you’re waiting for is still not there. And again a few days later. And again…until you realize the process is becoming rather time consuming, if not downright annoying.

Next time you search for houses for sale or for rent on Point2 Homes, give the tiny orange button right under the headline a try. Behind it there’s a neat function which will save you a lot of time next time you search and will also keep you in the loop when new listings matching your criteria appear on the website.

save your search on Point2 Homes


The Save Search function makes the hunting process easier as it delivers a list of newly-added homes — matching your search criteria — straight to your inbox. Daily or weekly, based on your own preferences.

How to save a search in 2 steps

1. Once you’ve selected your criteria, click on the Save Search button.

2. Type your email address in the pop up, change the title of your list if you prefer (where it says Title), and then click Confirm.

The message will look like this:

save search 2


In the end, you will receive a confirmation message which reads:

save search 3Your saved search lists will show up in your Point2 Homes account, and when new listings appear on the website you’ll be notified by email.

Has your criteria changed? That’s totally fine, you can simply start over and create a new list of saved searches.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Drop us a line in the comments section below.


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