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[Halloween Ideas] 8 Fun Alternatives to Trick or Treating

by Jody Scully
4 min. read

These past few years were all about adapting and doing things differently than we were used to. And now that Halloween is just around the corner, why not continue to embrace change and, instead of a typical holiday, look into new traditions? We have some great ideas that are so fun you may want to keep doing them for years to come! Here are eight awesome alternatives to trick or treating that will make this Halloween better than ever.

1. Have a Halloween Candy Hunt

A Halloween candy hunt might just be as close as you can get to trick or treating without going door-to-door. Think Halloween meets Easter and hide treats around your home or yard for the kids to find. If your children are old enough, this event is even more fun after dark. Use glow-in-the-dark paint or glow sticks to ensure the treats can be found and set the kids loose with flashlights to hunt in the dark.

If you prefer a daylight hunt and are willing to put in some extra work, you can also set up a Halloween scavenger hunt. Pick some spooky locations to hide treats and set up clues for your family to puzzle out.

2. Go for a Haunted Walk

Halloween is the perfect time to discover the spooky sights in your town! Get into the spirit and learn a little local history at the same time with a haunted walk. Many towns and cities have organized ghostly walks with guides to give the low down on the scary sights in your area. Some even offer less scary options for the little ones, such as scarecrow walks and decoration tours. If they don’t happen to provide anything like that where you live, do some research and create your own scary stroll!

3. Make Homemade Halloween Treats

Why not prep some delicious homemade Halloween goodies instead of trick or treating? Make this year extra special with mouth-watering traditional treats like candy apples, popcorn balls, caramel corn and homemade toffee. These classic snacks may be a bit more work than a bag of candy, but they’re oh-so worth it. And making them is half the fun. Put on your costumes and turn it into a fun night for the whole family.

4. Set Up a Haunted House

Now is the time to create your own Halloween event! Transform your garage and/or yard into a spooky scene and have your own personal fright night. Make your garage into a haunted house with the help of some fake webs, scary characters and creepy music. Outdoors, add faux tombstones, skeletons and ghosts to create a ghoulish graveyard. Then leave candy out for the kids to collect as they make their way through the scary setup.

5. Embark on a Halloween Movie Marathon

Decorate the house and dim the lights for the ultimate Halloween movie marathon! Go ahead and prep all your favorite snacks, too. They’ll make the perfect accompaniment to all those scary (or not-so-scary) Halloween movies. Let everyone pick their favorite and settle in for a night of haunted tales.

6. Host a Virtual Costume Party

If your kids want to show off their cool costumes to friends and family members far away, a virtual costume party is the way to go. Plan ahead and send out invites using links or create a virtual event to prepare everyone for the party. To keep the momentum going, prep some games that will help spark conversation and keep both kids and adults engaged.

7. Tell Stories Around the Campfire

Nothing says Halloween like spooky stories around the campfire! Even if you don’t have a campfire readily available, you can recreate the effect. Propane firepits, tabletop fire features or even a big cluster of candles will give you the warmth and flickering light of a campfire. Add some apple cider and s’mores to set the mood and tell a few (age-appropriate) scary stories to enjoy an old-school All Hallows Eve.

8. Deliver Some Halloween Cheer

It’s kind of like trick or treating in reverse. Instead of going door to door asking for candy, why not pick a few friends and neighbors and drop off a “Boo Basket”? Create a little package of Halloween goodies and leave them on the doorstep for someone else to discover.  Include things such as Halloween candy, spooky decorations, costume accessories or baked goods. Just be sure to leave a note so they know it came from a safe source.

Halloween doesn’t have to revolve only around trick or treating. Try some of these fun alternatives to going door-to-door and make this the best Halloween yet!

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