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Clever Design Ideas to Organize a Small Apartment or House

Clever Design Ideas to Organize a Small Apartment or House
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There are many benefits to living in a small home. It can be extremely cozy, you spend less on utilities, and everything is close at hand. But staying organized in a tiny space can be difficult, and you may soon find yourself running out of space. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to keep your small apartment or house clutter free and welcoming.

Multi-Use Furniture

The more furniture you have that can do double duty, the better. Multi-use furniture comes in all shapes and sizes to help you better organize your space. Here are a few of our top picks:

  • Storage you can sit on — from hollowed out ottomans that you can fill up, to couches with under-seat storage, there are tons of ways you can keep clutter hidden while finding a cozy spot to perch.
  • Step-ladder chairs — if you need a little boost to reach those top shelves, look for a chair that can transform into a step-ladder.
  • Modular-furniture — can be configured in several ways to provide you with anything from a standing cabinet, to a table and chairs, or even a bed. You can swap it around with ease to fulfill a huge array of tasks.

Make the Most Out of Your Bed

Beds typically take up a lot of precious space, but they don’t have to! A wall-bed is a great way to save floor space when you’re not using it. It simply folds up against the wall when not in use, and can even be used as cabinets or a bookshelf. Alternatively, a bed with underneath storage is ideal for keeping bulky items neatly packed away. For really tiny bedrooms, a sliding bed appears to be a single bed until the second half is pulled out, revealing a double.

Creative Door Storage Hacks

All homes have doors, and they can be put to good use when organizing your tiny space. The 12 inches or so above the door is a great place to add a shelf, where you can store anything from books to spare towels. Meanwhile, the back of the door is another great place for storage, with hanging laundry hampers making a brilliant space saver solution.

The same applies for cabinet doors in the kitchen or bathroom, and you can use them for lid holders, trash cans, spice racks, and toiletries, among many other ideas.

Fold-Up Furniture

If it folds up, it’s a great addition to your small home! Need a desk at home but you just know it’ll get in the way? A fold-up desk is a great alternative. Simply pull it down when you need it, and put it back up when you’re done. The same applies for tables, with many designs able to fold up into a convenient shelf and cabinet, with fold-up chairs inside.

Talking about fold-up chairs, there are many uses for them besides sitting on them! Why not hang spare chairs on the wall in the hallway? When flat, the slats can be used to hang things from and when they’re opened, the seats make a great shelf!

Clever Cable Management

Cables trailing everywhere are never good, but in a small home they can soon become a web of trouble. Use simple cable clips to keep all your cords tight against the walls, undersides of surfaces, and generally out of the way. Expandable cable bundlers and sleeves are a top choice for keeping your workstation clear, while adjustable power strips allow you to bend them around corners, removing any potential tripping hazard.

Peg-Board Organizer

Peg-boards are a lifesaver in a small home, and are one of the easiest ways to reduce clutter and improve organization. Plus, they can be used anywhere. In the kitchen, they’re great for storing pans, lids, utensils, chopping boards, and much more. In the bedroom or living room, they’re a great way to make adjustable shelves for anything from houseplants to books. They’re a top addition to any small home, allowing a huge array of configurations and storage solutions.

Keep Your Wardrobe Tidy

A messy wardrobe will soon spill out and reduce the precious space you have. Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, it’s easy enough to keep it clutter free and organized, even if it isn’t very big. Make the most of the hanging rack, and use a chain to hang 4 or 5 hangers together. Add in another hanging rod for smaller items, by simply installing a tension rod. Packing cubes can help keep linens and spare sheets neatly stored away, while you can maximize your drawer space by storing shirts vertically. And, don’t forget to use the back of the door to hang things like scarves, jewelry, or even shoes.

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