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8 Ways to Personalize the Kitchen in Your New Rental

8 Ways to Personalize the Kitchen in Your New Rental
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There are many benefits to renting a home rather than buying one, though there are a number of downsides as well. One of the most difficult things to deal with when renting is the fact that you can’t really decorate and make the space truly yours.  

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen or at least would like to, so it can be a real shame when you find a great apartment, but the kitchen is bland. Fortunately, we’ve come up with 8 ways to personalize the kitchen in your new rental that won’t cost you your security deposit.

Appliances, Pots, and Dishware

In terms of appliances, most rental kitchens come complete with the basics. But, that’s not to say you have to stick with what is provided, which if we’re honest, are normally the cheapest available. A kettle, toaster, coffee maker, blender, teapot, and other small appliances aren’t overly expensive, and you can buy the ones that suit your style and personality. Rather than hide these away, keep them out on the counter to add color and style.

The same can work with pots, pans, and cups, which can be hung as decorations when not being used. Plates and bowls also make for great display items when stored on open shelves — which you can make by removing cabinet doors! Just be sure to store the original appliances, pots, and dishes away, and take yours with you when you move on.

Cabinet Hardware Tweaks

As with old appliances, the handles on your cabinet doors could have accumulated all kinds of dirt and grease over the years. So, why not swap them? You can buy far more attractive hardware for a great price, and they’re easy to fit. Just be sure to keep the old stuff so you can swap it back when you move out.

Lights and Mirrors

If your kitchen is lacking a window, a mirror could make all the difference. It can help brighten the space up, as well as hiding the boring wall behind. For a more personal choice of lightning, why not replace the overhead fixture? Just be sure to keep the original for when you move out. A simpler solution is to add some plug-in or battery-powered lights, such as rope lights and lamps.

Splashes of Color

You might not be allowed to paint your kitchen, but there are other ways you can add a splash of color to your space. Buy colorful towels that double up as decorations. A colorful clock is another top idea, as well as framed artwork or photos.

Tiny Herb Garden

If you’ve got a green thumb, a herb garden is an excellent idea. Even if you’re not the most gifted gardener, most herbs are easy to maintain, and look and smell great. They’ll typically grow on the window sill with very little attention and are fantastic for adding fresh flavors to your dishes. Other potted plants can also work well to brighten up your kitchen.

Temporary Backsplash

Bored with those unimaginative tiles? There are several temporary ways you can liven them up without upsetting your landlord. Sticky decals come in a huge variety of patterns and colors and can be easily applied to totally transform your space. When you move out, they just peel off again.

Temporary wallpaper is another great choice, and with more and more patterns and styles available, you’re certain to find something that suits you. Wallpaper can also be applied behind open shelves to add a little charm to your storage areas.

Rugs and Curtains

Adding a rug is perhaps one of the easiest ways to totally transform a space, without making permanent changes. Most kitchens work well with thin runners, though yours might be different. You can choose a rug to match the styles of your towels, bringing everything together. Window treatments can also be easily swapped out for something a little more you.

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