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7 Ways to Make House Chores More Fun

7 Ways to Make House Chores More Fun
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Now that we’re at home most of the time, it seems like there are a lot more chores to be done. Whether it’s all the dishes that go along with eating three meals a day at home or the clutter that accumulates when your office, school and gym are in the house, it feels like we’re always doing housework. And all that work can get a little dull and repetitive. But we’ve found seven great ways to make those everyday household chores feel like fun.

Pair Chores with Entertainment

One of the easiest ways to turn a mundane task into something you look forward to is to combine it with something you enjoy. Folding that mountain of laundry will go by a lot more quickly if you put on your favorite movie while you work.

Or turn everyday household chores into a dance party by putting on your favorite upbeat playlist while you dust, mop and tidy. And to help pass the time while washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, turn on your favorite podcast or audiobook to distract you.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Tools

If you have really awesome cleaning tools, you’ll be a lot more excited to use them. And with the right products, you can often fix what you don’t enjoy about housework in the first place.

Hate getting dry hands from washing the dishes? Get yourself a good pair of rubber gloves and save your skin. But don’t stop there. Upgrade to a really great dishrack, get a good scrub brush and some super-soft dishtowels and suddenly, a boring chore like doing the dishes will feel a little more luxurious.

Embrace Technology for Household Chores

We already use dishwashers and washing machines to take some of the work out of household chores. Why not embrace new technology to help reduce your workload even further?

Regain your Saturday mornings by letting an autonomous lawnmower keep your lawn perfectly trimmed. You can also save hours every week by investing in a robot vacuum. It’ll clean your floors so you can spend that time doing something more fun.

Change Your Cleaning Style

To make cleaning seem like less of a chore, find a style that works for you. If you’re the always-on-the-go type, a daily 10-minute cleaning burst will have your house perpetually tidy. And it’ll go by so quickly it won’t even seem like work.

Or maybe you prefer to spend a whole morning power cleaning so you can enjoy the rest of your week chore-free. Go with whatever works for you, and you’ll find you stress a lot less about housework.

Give Yourself A Reward

Sometimes you just need a little extra motivation to get yourself through those boring household chores. Set a cleaning goal and reward yourself when you complete it. Whether it’s your favorite snack, a little indulgent me-time or a trip to your favorite park, the right reward will make you forget all about the task at hand.

Get the Whole Family Involved

You know the saying “many hands make light work.” And this couldn’t be more true than when it comes to housework. There are two ways to look at dividing up house chores:

  • Divide & Conquer – make a list of all the tasks that need to be done and divide them among your family members. Give each person a task and see who can be the first one done. The winner gets to assign the following tasks.
  • Band Together – attack each task as a group to make it go by more quickly. If the whole family works together to clean the kitchen, you’ll get the job done in record time. Once the job is complete, pick a fun activity you can all do together as a prize.

To help keep everyone motivated, try to make a game out of it or offer fun rewards.

Hire it Out

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help when you need it. If you have the means and it helps your stress or sanity levels, go ahead and hire a cleaning person. The time you’ll gain is often well worth the expense for busy families.

You can also hire someone to help with a few specific tasks to reduce your workload and eliminate the chores you like the least. Hire a neighborhood kid to mow the lawn or rake leaves. Or try a food delivery service to help with the burden of weekly grocery shopping and meal planning.

Housework has to be done, but it doesn’t have to be a chore! Try these seven ways to make housework more fun.

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