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7 Ways to Make Your Home (More) Pet-Friendly

7 Ways to Make Your Home (More) Pet-Friendly
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Pets at Home

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A pet can bring unbelievable joy into your life. But pets can also be a little hard on your home. However, the endless love and companionship animals provide is absolutely worth the effort it takes to make your home a place they enjoy. Not only will it make your pet happier, it’ll make your life easier too. Here are seven ways to make your home more pet-friendly.

A Pet-Friendly Home Starts with the Floor

Pets are hard on floors. They like to run, drag their toys around and then there’s the claws. If you want your home to be more pet-friendly, avoid wall-to-wall carpet and choose hard surfaces instead. Carpet collects hair and unpleasant smells and can make accidents much more difficult to clean up.

Instead, opt for a flooring that can stand up to your pets’ habits. Tile is the most durable option, but it can be less cozy than wood floors. But real hardwood isn’t worth the risk since it scratches so easily. New luxury vinyl plank flooring or ultra-durable porcelain tiles that look like wood are a much better option. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also take on whatever your pets (or family) throw at them.

Make Your Home Non-Toxic

Animals can’t always be trusted to do the smart thing. They drink out of the toilet, eat off of the floor and occasionally chew or eat things they shouldn’t. To ensure that your home is a healthy place for your pet, it’s important to eliminate items that could potentially harm them.

For starters, switch to non-toxic cleaners so you won’t have to worry about every surface our pet might lick. You should also look at securing the garbage and any easy access food storage locations. Foods you likely wouldn’t consider harmful can actually be fatal for animals. Grapes, raisins, chocolate, coffee grinds, nutmeg and most sugar-free foods can cause a variety of issues ranging from kidney failure to seizures.

Cover the Furniture

It’s a lot easier to work WITH your pet rather than constantly fighting against them. Rather than trying to keep your pets off the furniture, why not just cover them up instead? If you throw a sheet or blanket over the couch, it will collect all the hair, and you can quickly remove it when visitors come over. If you want something a little less temporary, opt for a slipcover instead.

Choose Pet-Friendly Textiles

As much as we love our furry friends, they tend to make messes. To make your home more pet-friendly, look for textiles that can handle the job. That means durable, washable and stain-resistant. Choose area rugs that are lightweight and easy to throw in the wash. And opt for easy-care sheets and use duvet covers instead of comforters, which can be harder to clean. And as popular as white is in home decor right now, it’s rarely a good choice for furniture if you have pets.

Avoid Air Fresheners

Although pets can sometimes leave your home smelling less-than-fresh, air fresheners are never a good idea when you have animals in the house. A variety of essential oils, including tea tree, peppermint, cinnamon, citrus and pine are actually toxic to animals. These scents are harmful to pets whether they are applied to the skin, in the form of vapor from a diffuser or ingested. To avoid an emergency trip to the vet, it’s best to keep these items out of the house altogether.

Don’t Leave Windows Wide Open

You might think leaving a window open to get fresh air in the house is the right idea if you have a pet at home. But a wide-open window can actually pose a danger to your pets. Cats falling from windows is such a common problem that there’s even a term for it. High Rise Syndrome results in severe injuries in thousands of cats every year.

And dogs have also been known to jump through a window screen if a squirrel or cat happens to run by. Always make sure screens are securely in place and never leave windows open wide enough for your pet to fit through if you’re not home.

Ensure They Can’t Get Trapped

Animals are excellent at finding their way into a room, but they have a lot harder time getting back out. Use door stoppers to keep doors open and ensure your pet can’t shut themselves in a room. Also, keep an eye out for cords they can get tangled in or small spaces they can get stuck in.

Make your home a place both you and your pets can love with these helpful pet-friendly tips!

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