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5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Workout Area at Home

5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Workout Area at Home
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5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Workout Area at Home

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Numerous safety measures have been adopted all over the world to halt the rapid spread of COVID-19. And, although your exercise options may have been narrowed due to these restrictions, don’t give up your workout routine just because you’re stuck between four walls.

On the contrary, the best thing you can do right now is set up the perfect exercise area at home — one that will enable and inspire you to get moving and get into shape. Here are some tips to create the ideal workout space in your home: 

1. Find the Perfect Space

Take stock of your home and really think about the perfect space where you can see yourself exercising. If you don’t have much room to work with, that’s okay. You don’t need an abundance of space for workouts that drive results. In fact, a small area or corner of your home will work just fine. But, if you do have a spare room, consider turning it into your home gym.

Furthermore, the space you choose should be airy, and you shouldn’t have to move furniture every time you want to work out, as this can lower morale and decrease your chances of actually working out. Similarly, natural light is always nice, but you can get around a lack of it by setting up light fixtures to support whatever type of workout you do.

Additionally, choose a place that has carpet or wooden flooring if you plan on easy workout routines. Or, if you do weight training, ensure your home gym is capable of sustaining weights.

2. Invest in Equipment

The type of exercise you do will dictate the location and equipment you choose for your home gym but don’t overdo it on accessories. You may feel a sudden urge to have everything at once but avoid flooding your small space with a bunch of equipment that you’ll rarely use. A home workout area is a way to support long-term commitment, so the last thing you want to have is a messy space that doesn’t support this goal.

Instead, invest in a handful of fitness items that you need and use on a regular basis. You can always build up your stock as you go. For example, if you’d like to practice yoga, all you need is a yoga mat and maybe a yoga block (which can be easily replaced with just a few books). Or, if you plan to do cardio, choose your favorite machine that they have at the gym instead of buying all of them. Then, try to think of alternatives to incorporate into your normal workout routine by using things you have at home as props.

3. Add a Mirror

Some people say that mirrors are for the image-obsessed, but that is not the case when it comes to exercising. Mirrors can actually make a space feel larger and brighter, which is a great trick if you have a small room. But, most important, mirrors help you exercise the right way because you can easily check and correct your exercise positions. They’re also beneficial when you want to fine-tune your form or view and correct the tiny imperfections that keep you from achieving perfect results.

4. Keep it Organized

Keeping your home workout area organized is important — especially if it’s not a separate room where you can just close the door and leave everything behind. So, invest in a set of drawers or dedicate a few shelves or bins to store your equipment and ensure it isn’t in the way of your daily tasks. What’s more, an organized space eases anxiety. Plus, you’re much more likely to return to your exercise routine if the area is neat and tidy, as opposed to when it’s messy and you can’t start your workout until you clean up.

5. Create an Inspiring Atmosphere

When you set up a home workout area, do so with a long-term commitment in mind. So, after you’ve found the perfect place, stocked it with indispensable equipment and found a place for everything, create an atmosphere that will inspire activity and help you exercise — even on the days when you don’t want to move a muscle.

For instance, you might want to hang motivational pictures throughout the room, put a list of your fitness goals on display, or set up a whiteboard where you can write your exercise or diet plan.

In any case, choose the path that keeps you motivated in the long run and make frequent use of the home workout space you’ve created for yourself!

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