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5 Inexpensive Home Decor Projects for Autumn

5 Inexpensive Home Decor Projects for Autumn
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As summer turns to autumn, now is a great time to rethink your home’s style. Each season offers a distinct array of sights, smells, and sounds, all of which can be incorporated into your home décor. These 5 home décor projects will transform your home into an autumnal haven without breaking the bank.

Rethink Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkins will never go out of style when it comes to fall decorations, and it goes without saying that you should have a Jack-o’-lantern on display. But if you really want to stand out, it’s time to think outside the pumpkin. There are several ways you can achieve the same effect by making a pumpkin decoration out of something that lasts longer.

For example, you can make pumpkin shapes out of wooden beads on a wire, out of canning rings, fabric, or you can even crochet them. If you have a knack for carpentry, you can also cut pumpkin shapes out of MDF or plywood, and paint Jack-o-lantern faces on them — this is a particularly fun activity to get the kids involved in as well. The best part about alternative pumpkin decorations is that you can keep them in your home for longer, without the fear of them molding or attracting fruit flies.

Deck Your House with Wreaths and Garlands

If you’re thinking that it’s too early for Christmas decorations, you’re probably right. Yet wreaths and garlands made out of seasonal items work just as well in autumn. A wreath made from dried flowers, colorful leaves and pine cones will make your front door look more inviting. You can repurpose the dried leaves on your lawn by running a bit of string through them to create garlands for your porch and fences, using checkered ribbons to keep them in place. Dried flowers will also add a touch of color, and you can use long-lasting dried flowers such as roses, lavender, strawflowers, yarrow, or blue sea holly.

Celebrate the Harvest

Autumn has always been associated with the harvest season, which is also why Thanksgiving was — and still is — such an important annual celebration. Why not get in touch with your ancestral roots by adding some harvest-inspired décor to your home? Pumpkins will, of course, be on the menu, but you can also include other fruit-themed patterns and decorations, such as grapes or apples. Glass gem corn is another excellent choice, given the fact that it comes in a multitude of colors — make sure to keep the husks on for an added rustic effect. Dried wheat, whether woven into a wreath or just placed in a vase with a stylish ribbon tied around it, will also complete the look. And don’t forget about baskets — what you put in them is entirely up to you, but make sure they’re on your list of fall décor.

Spice up Your Home

Pumpkin spice is all the rage in fall, but don’t think that it only applies to cooking. Cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves can also be used to give your home a touch of autumn fragrance, and you can easily combine them in a bowl with dried flowers to create a seasonal potpourri. If you’re feeling creative, you can even bundle them up in a piece of orange cloth and arrange it to look like a miniature pumpkin. Cinnamon sticks are remarkably versatile when it comes to home décor, and you can use them to make a coaster for your cups, and even miniature frames. You can even use spices to create wall art. All you need is a piece of corkboard or even cardboard, a bit of glue, and turn spices such as cloves, star anise, bay leaves and dried citrus slices into a veritable landscape. And if you’re preparing for Halloween, now is also the time to pick up a cinnamon broom — it will add a wicked touch to your home’s look.

Time to Get Cozy

As the temperatures drop and the weather turns moody, autumn is the best time to start making your home more cozy for the coming winter. First things first: blankets. A colorful, strategically placed blanket will make your living room instantly look more inviting and warm. Candles also help make your home look warm and intimate, and if you have a couple of fluffy pillows dotted around, they create the perfect ambiance for snuggling up and listening to the rain patter on the windows. If you have a fireplace, now is also a good time to get it cleaned up and ready for those chilly evenings. If you don’t have one, you can still get creative with your radiators — a small pile of ornamental logs set next to it will do the trick.

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