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10 Quarantine-Inspired Home Upgrades and New Amenities

10 Quarantine-Inspired Home Upgrades and New Amenities
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If the last few months of lockdown have taught us anything, it’s that our homes could probably function better if the need to shelter in place arises again. With that in mind, here are 10 upgrades and new amenities inspired by the quarantine period.

Outdoor Access

The number one thing everyone missed during the quarantine was simply being outside. Even if you didn’t develop a case of ‘cabin fever’, you’ll surely remember the months spent in lockdown for years to come. Homeowners around the world have learned to appreciate their outdoor amenities, whether a garden, or even just a terrace or a smaller balcony.

Spacious Living Rooms

Sheltering in place has brought the entire family together, meaning that a spacious living room is now a sought-after home feature. Even if the space does not allow it, the way it’s laid out can truly make a difference. It’s important to think of a layout that creates easy access, as well as strategically position your furniture, to accommodate everyone.

Extra Storage Options

If you’ve spent the last few months disinfecting each and every item in your home almost religiously, you might be wishing that you had somewhere to stash the less essential stuff away. Adding in some cupboards or fixing up the attic to accommodate more of your possessions is a great way to keep the things you don’t need safely packed away.

Home Entertainment Centers

It’s now become more important than ever to make sure you have plenty to keep you occupied indoors. A home entertainment center doesn’t necessarily need to consist of the latest 4K OLED TV, though a good setup to watch your favorite shows and movies won’t hurt. Instead, focus on a variety of ways of keeping the whole family entertained. A well stocked bookcase is a great starting point, while an arts and crafts chest can keep you busy for hours.

Upgraded Kitchens

Not everyone turned into a masterchef during lockdown, yet there’s no denying that we have all cooked more at home than we usually would have. This has increased the importance of having a well-equipped kitchen, both in terms of amenities and storage space. Not only that, but with families sheltering in place, having a spacious kitchen, with a breakfast nook or bar, really pays off.

Functional Spare Rooms

Many of us have had to work from home in the past few months, and with schools being closed, kitchen and living room tables have doubled-up as desks for home teaching. As a result, it’s likely that, in the post-quarantine housing market, spare rooms that can be used as an office or even a play room for kids will increase a home’s appeal. So if you have a spare bedroom that is not seeing much use, perhaps consider upgrading it to something more functional.

Multi-Purpose Mudrooms

With washing your hands becoming a mandatory precaution habit, having a room with a sink close to the entrance is a real perk. Mudrooms can add value to your home by default, creating a place to store your outdoor shoes and jackets. But if you have the option to install a sink and faucet in it, then this is an upgrade that is well worth considering.

Bright Colors

Bright colors not only create the illusion of space, but they can also liven up a room. If you’ve spent the quarantine working from home or even just sheltering in place, you’ll know just how important it is to spend your day in a room that doesn’t feel oppressive. Pastel colors and warm hues will help achieve that, and if you’re feeling a bit bold, you can even create a feature wall by painting it in a vivid, jazzy color.

Natural Materials and Patterns

If you can’t go outside, then you might as well bring the outside in. Materials such as wood and stone can help give your home a natural look, which can be enhanced further with floral or plant-inspired patterns. Houseplants and indoor gardens are another trend that has picked up during the quarantine, and it’s very likely to stay.

Minimalist but Cozy Designs

If you’ve spent your quarantine disinfecting as many surfaces and household items as possible, you’ve probably considered getting rid of some of them. Having fewer knick-knacks and decorations can not only make it easier to stay on top of cleaning, but it also makes your home feel less cluttered.

A minimalist decor can help reduce stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Yet that doesn’t mean your home should be bare. If anything, quarantine has highlighted the importance of living in a cozy environment, which is why the mix of minimalism and coziness is the new post-quarantine aesthetic.

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