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Best Exterior Paint Colors for Selling Your Home

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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Curb appeal is one of the most important things to consider when looking to sell your home. After all, your home’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers see and tends to set the tone for the rest of the home viewing. And we all know first impressions can be highly impactful.

It might be tempting to go with an exterior color that’s bold and unique but could make your home stand out in a less-than-desirable way. So here are some tips for selecting exterior paint colors for your home when you are looking to sell.

Exterior Paint Selection Factors

There are many things to consider when picking the best exterior paint color for a home that’s up for sale. Remember that you’re no longer making selections to please yourself but are choosing something that should appeal to many potential buyers.

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So, what should you take into account when making a color selection?

  • Neighboring homes – What color selections have your neighbors made? Are there mostly muted or natural colors along your street? Are people experimenting with more offbeat colors? What will help your home look like it belongs on the street?
  • Architectural style – What style is the home? Is it a Cape Cod, Victorian or ranch? Traditional home styles will likely suit more traditional colors, while more modern and unique home styles could allow for less conventional color palettes.
  • Roof color – What color is your roof? You may want to stick with cooler paint colors if the roof color is also on the cooler side and choose warmer variants if the roof has a warmer tone. Again, keeping things cohesive can make the home look more polished.
  • Stonework and landscaping – Are there particular stonework and landscaping elements that can contribute to helping you decide what will look best for your exterior? For example, will specific colors look odd relative to what’s happening around the home?
  • Construction materials – What materials used on the home’s exterior might influence what colors look best? For instance, does your home have exterior brickwork or details like gingerbread trim? Will the colors you’re selecting look appropriate with those materials?

Most Popular Exterior Colors Today

Paint color trends come and go, so it’s essential to understand what potential buyers might be looking for in response to these trends. However, anything too stylish and off-the-wall might be best to avoid since what’s appealing now might be seen as passé in the future.

Warm, earthy neutral colors that blend well with natural surroundings are always a good choice, as they rarely go out of style. Think deep clay colors, rich chocolate browns and pretty sepia tones.

house in brown tones

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Whites and off-whites are also classic options that appeal to almost everyone. In fact, white is often the best choice for exterior paint color because of its simplicity and traditional aesthetic.

white house exterior

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Charcoals and blacks have been popular variants recently, offering a modern yet tasteful change from more traditional color palettes. Consider whether these options will be too bold in your neighborhood, and perhaps use them more sparingly if they’ll make your home look too out of place.

house with grey color accent

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Although also deemed a classic, navy blue has recently regained popularity. It’s an interesting alternative to other more muted traditional exterior colors and can suit various home styles.

navy blue house exterior

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If you’re looking to simply add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral exterior, boldly painted doors continue to be an easy way to add some interest. Popular choices often include red, yellow and blue, though there is a rainbow of options to choose from, so you can really get creative!

house with red front door

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