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by Cristina Oprean

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What is a home inspection?

A home inspection evaluates and details a real estate property’s condition, usually when a buyer prepares to purchase a home.

During the inspection, a professional home inspector visits the property, examines it and reports their findings. Specifically, they look at things like plumbing and electrical systems; heating and cooling systems; water; sewage; and all structural components of a home. They may also inspect for safety hazards and water, as well as insect or fire damage.

How does a home inspection typically work?

A home inspector’s goal is to reveal problems with the home by inspecting the various components of the property to determine if it’s up to code. In this way, a home inspection gives prospective homebuyers “insider information” and can help sellers know what they need to repair before selling their homes.

The inspector will then compile a report, including material defects, mechanical issues and sometimes even cosmetic problems. Based on this assessment, buyers can decide if they want to continue the sale, while sellers can determine what they need to upgrade or replace.

Are home inspections required when purchasing a house?

Home inspections are not typically required when buying a home in the United States or Canada. However, they do often help homebuyers save money and avoid big problems down the road.


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