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by Cristina Oprean

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What are amenities?

Amenities are characteristics that increase the real or perceived value of a property. These can be features of the particular property, or they can be tied to the area. Some examples of amenities include:

Property-specific amenities

  • Water views – high value for many buyers
  • Mountain views – particular feature for specific buyers
  • Solar panels – a great feature in many high-energy usage areas
  • Radiant heat – very desirable in cold weather areas
  • Double-pane windows – a big plus for any home
  • Smart appliances – almost a need nowadays
  • Low-energy appliances – a big plus for budget-conscious and eco-conscious buyers
  • Open concept design/layout – a highly desirable feature for many younger buyers
  • In-home gym – high value for the right buyer
  • Garages that accommodate many vehicles
  • RV access – older people with an adventurous lifestyle love their RVs

Area-specific amenities

  • Location – “location, location, location” are the three most important things about buying real estate
  • Proximity to shopping – a must for most people
  • Close to freeway access – great for people who commute
  • Near public transportation – ideal for eco-conscious people
  • Vacation spots – valuable for second homes or vacation homeowners
  • Near major entertainment– big stadiums and other entertainment centers
  • Close to schools – a favorite of families with children.


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