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Window Treatments 101: Top Window Coverings for 2021

Window Treatments 101: Top Window Coverings for 2021
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Window Treatments

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With all the different choices for window treatments, finding the perfect option can feel a little overwhelming. If you’re planning a refresh and want to know what’s current, or you just have decision fatigue and need a little guidance, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top nine window treatment trends for 2021.

Bamboo Roller Blinds

If you’re looking for a trendy but affordable window treatment, you definitely want to check out bamboo roller blinds. These versatile and eco-friendly blinds go with a wide range of styles and add warmth and texture to your space. The loosely woven blinds gently filter natural light while still providing privacy.

Colored Shades

There was a time when you could get blinds and shades in a small selection of neutrals such as white, beige or grey. But now, we all want a little more color in our lives, and new bold colored shades are here to help. Cellular and roller shades are an easy way to add a pop of color to any room. Choose from rich colors or fun patterns to brighten up a room while keeping those neutral walls.

Motorized Window Treatments

Technology is making its way into all aspects of home decor, and window treatments are no exception. Voice-activated window coverings allow you to open and close your shades by simply telling your home assistant platform what you need. You can also program your shades to open and close at certain times in the morning and evening. Just imagine how nice it is to wake up to the sun rather than an alarm!

No Window Treatment

The more time we spend indoors, the more we need natural light. So, if you have a beautiful view (or even beautiful windows) and privacy is not a concern, go ahead and take those window coverings down altogether! Removing window treatments will let in more light, increase your views and help create a connection with the outdoors. But keep in mind that this may not be the best option for a room requiring darkness, like a bedroom or media room.

Living Window Coverings

If you love biophilic design and prefer a minimal aesthetic, then this trend is for you!  Instead of hanging curtains for privacy, fill your windows with plants.  Not only will a living window treatment bring life to your space, but the plants will also love their sunny locale. You can install shelves inside the window frame or mount rods across the window to hang plants. And since herbs grow so well in bright spots, you can also up your cooking game while you’re at it.

Striped Shades

This just in, stripes are in! Whether it’s pinstripes, bold stripes, tonal stripes or border ribbon, the roman shades with vertical stripes are hot.  Choose a light background with dark contrasting border stripes for a crisp, tailored look. Or opt for a neutral background with light-colored stripes for a breezy and casual feel.

Zebra Shades

Not to be confused with striped shades, zebra shades feature alternating bands of sheer and opaque material which shift locations as you move the shades up and down. When the sheer bands line up, you have light filtering shades. But when the opaque bands are together, they become light-blocking shades.

Beige Curtains Are Back

If you think of beige window treatments and cringe, it’s time to give the hue another look. The dated pink and gold-beiges have been replaced with much softer, creamier variations like sand, linen and mushroom. These new softer beiges are a great way to add warmth to a white room and compliment natural wood tones.

The Layered Look

Layering your window treatments is one of the top window trends right now. Pairing shades or shutters with curtains gives you maximum light control while giving the room an extra hit of color and texture.

If you prefer a cleaner look, new dual shades feature a second room-darkening shade built-in behind a sheer shade. This innovative design gives you the crisp look of a single shade, with the option to choose between daylight or total privacy.

Which of these window treatment options are you thinking of trying out in your home?

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