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What Do You Think of These Jaw-Dropping Lofts?

by Point2 Editorial Staff
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With sky-high ceilings and massive windows, lofts can offer an open, airy feel with great views of the outdoors and plenty of room for living and entertaining. So whether you want to feel like a superhero with an amazing secret lair or an artist seeking inspiration in creative spaces, lofts offer something for every lifestyle and personality.

There’s something undeniably cool about lofts – we often think about them in terms of trendy neighborhoods, and young artists and professionals. But they’re also great for families when the space is used in clever and efficient ways. Multiple levels and dividers help create separate living spaces in otherwise open-plan areas and provide opportunities to create ‘rooms’ where there aren’t any permanent walls. And who doesn’t love a great staircase?

From rustic and romantic to sleek and sophisticated, lofts are both stylish and functional and can be a beautiful mix of new and old when the space is located in a renovated historical building. We’ve found a collection of incredible lofts worldwide that highlight the many aesthetics lofts can inspire – homey and traditional, simple and minimalistic, light and luxurious or dark and moody. So how do you like your lofts?

1. A Modern/Rustic Blend

2. A Smart Space

3. An Airy Delight

4. A Simplistic Sanctuary

5. A Modern Marvel

6. An Alluring Abode

7. An Ode to the Outdoors


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8. A Naturally Lit Space

9. A Romantic Hideaway

10. A Sleek Hangout

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