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Top 5 Swimming Pool Design Ideas That Look Amazing

Top 5 Swimming Pool Design Ideas That Look Amazing
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The swimming pool is always the favourite spot of any homeowner who has one in their backyard. After all, a swimming pool does more than just give people a respite from the heat. It also provides bonding opportunities for family and friends. The pool area makes for an excellent party venue as well. More importantly, the pool is the perfect place to exercise. Swimming laps can keep anybody fit, and having your own pool makes staying in shape very convenient.

You can do all of the above even when your swimming pool is of the simplest design. However, if you like your pool to stand out visually as well, then have it designed in a way that will satisfy your aesthetic requirements. Here some amazing swimming pool design ideas to consider.

1. Infinity pools

Also known as vanishing edge pools, infinity pools are perhaps some of the most popular swimming pool designs these days.

Infinity Pool Design

Image: pixabay.com

While any homeowner can have a vanishing edge pool built in their home, its impact would be amplified if the home boasts breathtaking views as well. Install some light fixtures, and their seamless combination with the scenery will make your infinity pool an even more astounding sight to behold.

2. A waterpark in your backyard for the family

Instead of taking your kids to a waterpark, why not build your own right there in your backyard? A company called Pool Environments of Dallas came up with a pool design that people from all walks of life are going to like.

Waterpark Pool Design

Image: poolenvironments.com

While it may not have slides, this pool design comes with waterfalls, islands, landscaping filled with colour, various artistic touches that spell fun, and carefully-placed stones as partitions.

3. An eco-retreat swimming pool

Eco-friendliness and sustainability is all the rage nowadays, and many homeowners would like their swimming pool to be up-to-speed with this.

For starters, a swimming pool that could be considered an eco-retreat would be one with elements of nature surrounding it. If your backyard has plenty of trees and plants, having the pool nestled in between them would be an excellent idea. If not, you can mimic nature by adding a mixture of reeds, lotuses, and other aquatic plants around the pool.

Eco-Retreat Pool Design

Image: pixabay.com

The use of stones is also popular for eco-friendly pools. You can install a waterfall that splashes through a large natural boulder. You can also use hand-cut stone for the pool’s entry steps.

4. Small pools for small backyards

Just because your backyard is small doesn’t mean you can’t have a pool. A lap pool no more than two meters wide can be installed across the back of your small backyard. You can even convert the space next to it into a patio.

Small Pool Design

Image: pixabay.com

You can also opt for a round cast concrete pool, which uses up a tiny portion of your lot.

5. A shipping container pool

Whenever the phrase “swimming pool” is mentioned, the first things that readily enter our minds are tiles, concrete, and a big hole in the ground. But did you know you can now have a unique-looking pool made from a shipping container?

Yes, standard cargo containers made of metal can now be converted into swimming pools thanks to Modpools, a Canadian company that ships shipping container pools worldwide.

Shipping Container Pool Design

Image: modpools.com

The shipping container pools that they make are highly modified, with a portion of one wall cut away and replaced with a viewing window. A portion of the pool also has eight body-massaging water jets, and it’s separated from the rest of the pool by a sturdy and heat-resistant plastic partition.

The pool has a sanitation and heating system, LED lighting that changes colour, and it is capable of holding about 4,800 gallons of water. It also typically comes in black but can be painted in different hues.


This is a guest post by Alexis Reed, Content Specialist of H2O Pool Service, a family-owned Phoenix pool company that cleans, services, and repairs residential and commercial pools throughout Arizona. She enjoys hiking and camping with her family and friends.

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